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Anti-aging Treatment

Wrinkle Removal & Skin Tightening & Face lift

Anti-aging Treatment

When the age is growing, the face will appear wrinkles and will not be so smooth. Aging can not be avoided but not terrible, the terrible thing is that you ignore it, so that aging go faster.

ODI HIFU is a trustworthy type of non-invasive procedure that make use of high intensity focused ultrasonic to delivers heat energy to SMAS system directly, which can  effectively restore skin elasticity and remove wrinkles.

For non-surgical and effective skin anti-aging treatments, besides hifu machine, ODI provide 1550nm anti-aging laser and RF machines that give significant and quick results. After only one treatment, you’ll see obvious effect in the smoothness of your skin, making you look years younger.

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 Following machines can be used for Anti-aging and face lift

hifu skin tightening machine

hifu facelift machine

Immediate result after one treatment    

Self-checking system ensure safe treatment   

SMAS Layer lifting, deep wrinkle removal

radio frequency facial machine

Portable radio frequency face lift device

Comfortable and safe anti-aging treatment 

 Three types of probes , used for body, neck,face and eyes lifting 

portable 40.68mhz thermolift beauty machine

RF thermolift anti-aging machine

40.68MHz Focused rf, accurate heating, layered anti-aging, 

3-5 years long-lasting result