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Portable Hifu Beauty Machine
Portable Hifu Beauty Machine

Portable Ultrasound Hifu Beauty Machine for Anti Aging

  • Light Source Type:

  • Treatment Depth:

  • Weight:

  • Dimension:

  • Treatment Tips:

    8 cartridges(optional)
  • Screen:

    8 inches
  • Function:

    Face lifting, anti wrinkle
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HIFU is using the noninvasive high intensity ultrasonic treatment for restoring skin elasticity and removing wrinkles. It can generate focused ultrasonic heat to the subcutaneous fat layer directly, the SMAS layer, stimulate collagen regeneration in deep immediately, achieve to restore skin elasticity. The effect can last for 3-5 years after three times treatment. 

Principle Diagram 

Hifu Beauty Machine Principle Diagram


1. Long-lasting skin firming: reshaping face, neck, waist, back, abdomen, buttocks and legs etc.
2. Deep wrinkles removal: eye wrinkle, forehead lines, stretch marks, nasolabial folds, crow's-feet etc.
3. Lines Lifting: improve the wrinkles and sagging on eye folds , face and neck.
4. Regains skin’s elasticity: stimulate the skin collagen regeneration.
5. Whole body reshaping: not only for face lifting, but also for body reshaping.

 Technical Parameters:

Operation System High intensity focused ultrasound
Technology Same Technology and System as USA HIFU Machine
Quantity of cartridge 8 cartridges(optional)
Power 0.23-3.0(0.25/step)
Handle system Sliding Inner lattice setting
Screen 8" inch touched screen
Handle System Sliding Inner lattice setting
Output Energy
Penetration depth 1.5mm/3.0mm/4.5mm/8.0mm/13mm
Output Energy
AC220V±1022 50 / 6 0 Hz
Mode Pulse Digital Mode
Treatment Shots 2400shots/5000shots (optional)
Input Energy AC220V±1022 50 / 6 0 Hz
Line Length 5mm - 25mm  portable hifu machine ultrasound

Ultrasound hifu beauty machine 5 cartridges

 Product Image Detailed 

Portable Hifu Beauty Machine Detail

 Hifu Treatment before and after

Hifu Beauty Machine Treatment Before and After


Subject : Portable Ultrasound Hifu Beauty Machine for Anti Aging