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pico laser tattoo removal equipment
pico laser tattoo removal equipment pico laser tattoo removal equipment

10HZ Q switch picosecond laser remove tattoos machine for sale

  • item no.:

  • Warranty:

    One Year
  • Light Source Type:

    Q Switch Nd Yag Laser
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Dimension:

  • Pulse Width:

  • Treatment Tips:

    Honeycomb Head/1064nm/532nm (Optional)
  • Cooling System:

    Air cooling + water cooling
  • Screen:

    8 inch Touched Screen
  • Voltage:

    220V/5A or 110V/10A
  • Frequency:

  • Power:

  • Function:

    Pigmentation removal,Tattoo removal,skin rejuvenation,black doll treatment etc...
  • Energy:

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10Hz Q switch picosecond laser remove tattoos machine for sale

Now, you can buy a picosecond laser machine at lower price
ODI Patented Lite picosecond laser equipment take on pico laser emphasis lens selection modern technology to generate a cutting-edge gold honeycomb head. This unique created honeycomb head can send out a hexagonal variety laser places in round rather than one area, that's why it can supply incredibly quick therapy to entire face. Much like picosure honeycomb head, it provides services of skin lightening, skin renewal, great lines and also pigment decrease and so on.


Save your cost

Less Than half price Of original pico laser machine

Special designed tip

Extra pico laser focus lens for skin rejuvenation

Perfect treatment

Remove tattoo, pigment and lighten wrinkles etc

picosecond laser Technical parameters

Machine type

 Q switch pico laser tattoo removal machine

Laser Treatment Tips

1064nm/picosecond laser tip(standard) 532nm(selective)

Laser Pulse energy                        


Laser Pulse width


Laser Power


Laser Recurrence rate


Aming Light

Red infrared light

Laser Lamp life time

More than 1,500,000 shots

Energy output



Touched Screen

Case Material


Laser Cooling condition

Air cooling + water cooling

Laser Power source

220V/5A or 110V/10A

picosecond laser Advantages
china picosecond laser Treatment tips

4ns Short Pulse Width: The pulse width of normal yag laser machine is up to 20ns, while ODI Laser Lite Pico Laser machine’s is only 4ns. For same energy, the shorter pulse width means lower damage to treatment area, so the treatment is safer. Meanwhile its pulse energy is more stable, focused to bring better treatment result.
Save Cost: With same functions, but its price and shipping price are less than half price of big picosecond laser machine.
Patented Ceramic reflector: High quality ceramic cavity reflector is installed in the handle, protecting it from burning, reduce handle’s failure rate, enhance the life time.
Golden Honeycomb Head: Besides optional 1064nm and 532nm treatment heads, ODI Lite Pico Laser machine has an innovative designed honeycomb head for whole facial skin rejuvenation, skin whitening and wrinkle reduction etc.
Automatic protection system: It is very easy for optical master to be burning when there is no water cycle around the machine. Automatic water induction protection system can prevent machine from using if there is no water and remind you to add water.

Handle of lite pico laser machine
china picosecond laser Treatment tips

Hand-piece Tips

1064nm:White Light

532nm:Green Light

HoneyComb Head:Fractional Array Len (Skin Rejuvenation,Skin Whitening,Fine Lines)

Three Types of Tips
tattoo machine for sale honeycomb Tip

honeycomb Tip(optional)

tattoo machine for sale 1064nm


tattoo machine for sale 532nm


picosecond laser Functions:
Full face skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, fine lines, wrinkle reductions and shrinking pores etc
Tattoo removal, eyebrow tattoo removal and eyeline tattoo removal etc
Pigment removal, Spots removal and Speckle Removal etc
Age-pigment and nevus of ota removal
picosecond laser Mainframe
eyebrow tattoo removal factory Mainframe


②handle rack



⑤emergency switch

⑥key switch


⑧water tank

⑨power cord jack

⑩pedal line jace

picosecond laser Accessories
picosecond laser Treatment head

Treatment head

picosecond laser Foot control

Foot control

picosecond laser Goggles


picosecond laser blinder


picosecond laser Power line

Power line

picosecond laser Handle


picosecond laser Water tank

Water tank

picosecond laser Key


picosecond laser Therapy principle

❖Laser tattoo elimination is making use of the immediate exhaust of high-energy laser, to ensure that the pigment bits are irradiated take in power split second tear, enter into a much more small nibs eliminated partly by human macrophage phagocytosis and also eliminated with the lymphatic system, so as to get eliminate pigment. Because the typical cells of 1064nm, 532nm laser absorption seldom without damaging regular cells, therefore keeping the stability of the cell structure, it offered no mark development, which is presently unparalleled by any other approach of therapy security, so to guarantee the best level of consumers will certainly not be disturbed postoperative difficulties.

❖In deep skin to create millions or even more "vacant", hence extensively, largely boost fibroblast reaction produced collagen fiber and also flexible fiber, to ensure that the entire face skin whiten, tighten up as well as boost. Honeycomb concentrating lens can exact concentrating laser power, launch shocks reliable start-up repair work development element, boost collagen regrowth, so there is mark cells fixing, the impact of creases, come to be a brand-new sort of skin cleaning artefact.

Parameter setting reference table

Tattoo removal

Freckle removal

Nevus removal

Tender skin

Energy J/cm²





Frequency  Hz





Focus len tip





Focus len tip





*according to the customer situation

1 Notes
1.1 Mild prickling feeling throughout therapy is a regular sensation;
1.2 Can not be made use of in expectant females;
1.3 Does not put on hemorrhage, apoplexy, atherosclerosis, severe swelling, joint as well as soft cells purulent;
1.4 Restricts saved in straight sunshine and also home heating devices next off, particularly in the summer season select the ideal location to area;
1.5 Easy on the trend far from water or wetness locations (sauna, bathroom hall, and so on), it can trigger damages;
1.6 Banned by outside shocks, to avoid damages, particularly when utilizing the take care of, do not go down to the ground;
1.7 Forbid making use of chemicals to clean the tool (alcohol, benzene, think that water, and so on), can create damages;
1.8 Do not utilize the tool constantly for a very long time, can trigger damages;
1.9 Do not permit kids accessibility to the tool;
1.10 This tool to stay clear of the eyes, Adam's apple, genital areas as well as various other delicate components;

1.11 Do closed any type of blew up inside the tool.

2. Prohibition
2.1 dropsy or edema, hypertensive individuals;
2.2 systemic serious convulsions or irritation;
3.3 individuals with cardiovascular disease (Ann with heart pacemakers, and so on);.
3.4 skin allergic reactions, slim or shed flexibility, skin damages, ulcer individual;.
3.5 serious hemorrhagic blood loss conditions and also hemorrhaging propensities or thickening troubles;.
3.6 Individuals do not know exactly how to run the tool;.
3.7 face surgical treatment or were made deep scrubing, not to the recuperation of the populace;.
3.8 obtaining radiation treatment less than 3 months of the group;.
3.9 parts of skin cancer cells therapies group;.
3.10 skin disease or swelling of the website, with purulent acne group;.
3.11 after preliminary surgical procedure or forbid making use of the injury website;
Before & After of odi tattoo removal pico laser machine
china picosecond laser Pigment Removal

Pigment Removal

china picosecond laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

china picosecond laser Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

eyebrow tattoo removal factory

Eyebrow & Eyeline Removal

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