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hair removal 808nm laser diode price
hair removal 808nm laser diode price

1200ww strong power laser diode 808nm permanent hair removal machine

  • item no.:

  • Light Source Type:

    Optical master
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Pulse Width:

  • Spots Diameter:

  • Cooling System:

    Wind + Water Cooling
  • Screen:

    8 touched screen
  • Voltage:

    220VAC /50 - 60 Hz(110VAC optional)
  • Frequency:

  • Power:

  • Wavelength:

  • Laser Type:

    808nm Diode Laser
  • Function:

    Painless and Permanent Hair Removal
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1200ww strong power laser diode 808nm permanent hair removal machine

808nm semiconductor laser technology is the latest and most effective hair removal technology. It is a special wavelength that can be absorbed by the dermal papilla. Therefore, the wavelength can effectively penetrate into the epidermis to the target tissue (dermal papillae) during treatment, and the melanin selectively absorbs enough laser energy to achieve the target tissue damage , And the surrounding tissues and epidermis are almost unaffected, so the entire treatment is safe and effective.

Working Parameters

Laser type

808nm Diode Laser

Optical master Power


Optical master Cooling

Conduction cooling mode


808nm+/- 10nm

Pulse Width


Repetition Rate

1Hz~10 Hz

Handle Life Time

20.000.000 shots

Energy Density

100J/ cm²

Laser Window


Laser Cooling Liquid

Tap water

Handle Piece Flow Rate


Input VAC

220VAC /50 - 60 Hz(110VAC optional)

High Quality Handle

Handle of odi 808nm diode laser hair removal machine

Advantages of 808nm diode laser for hair removal machine

1200w High Energy

OD-LD3 semiconductor laser with 1200w high-power laser, issued a super-energy, can instantly change the structure of hair follicles, to achieve the effect of rapid hair removal.

Safe and Painless Treatment

When the power of the instrument reaches 1200w, the energy density can reach 10J at the pulse width of 10ms. The lower the pulse width, the lower the pain degree of the treatment, and the higher the comfort  feeling of the treatment.
Adopting LIMO Len

Imported laser part of the use of high-quality laser LIMO lens, enhanced optical alignment, the spot more uniform

20.000.000 Valid Shots

ODI Handle has a long service life, the utilization of points up to 20.000.000 , and the warranty of handle warranty is two years. The high use of points allows you to treat more customers, access to higher revenue.



808nm diode laser hair removal machine can remove hair on full body painlessly and permanently

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