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Oxygeneo rf facial Machine
Oxygeneo rf facial Machine

3 in 1 oxygeneo and tripolar rf skin tightening oxygen facial machine for sale

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  • Warranty:

    One year, lifetime technology support
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Treatment Tips:

    Two type of tips
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  • Working Mode:

    Tripollar RF + Oxygeneo
  • Function:

    face lifting, exfoliate infuse, skin rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle
  • Energy:

    1 MHz
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3 in 1 oxygeneo and tripolar rf skin tightening oxygen facial machine for sale

Oxygeneo  rf oxygen facial machine from high-end medical beauty equipment, high-tech country Israel, which is the only one in the world will be the perfect combination of radio frequency and oxygen treatment of skin therapy instrument, and the world's most advanced touch-type intelligent dynamic oxygen therapy device. It can make collagen Fiber shrinkage, newborn and reorganization, the skin automatically produces oxygen, so as to achieve compact skin, whitening,and dilute stains, is the world's leading anti-aging skin products, providing instant and long-term visible effect, to provide customers with unparalleled Of the wonderful experience.

  • Wrinkle removal skin clean
  • Tightening compact
  • Whitening effect
  • Iimprove skin texture
  • Skin regeneration
  • Wrinkle shape
  • Bring nutrition to the skin
  • Improve skin clarity

OxyGeneo Technology

Wrinkle removal oxygen facial machine's unique deep clean oxygen head consists of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, the gel contains a natural unique active ingredient. When the deep clean oxygen head and nutrient-rich gel in the skin surface contact, can produce a lot of carbon dioxide, chemical reaction as follows:

NaHCO₃+ C6H8O7 ------------> Na3C6H5O7.2H2O  +CO₂+H₂O


Geneo allows aesthetic professionals to perform a comprehensive, accurate diagnostic process that is optimally tailored for each customer.The frequency and amplitude of the vibration of the skin clean oxygen facial machine are specifically designed to generate power to maximize chemical reactions and produce large amounts of carbon dioxide. In a carbon dioxide-rich weak acid environment, the phenomenon of increasing the oxygen content in the skin tissue structure is called the Boer effect. Through the rich carbon dioxide weak acid environment and the injection of active ingredients, while the skin cells automatically generate oxygen and reborn. "Boer effect" can: enhance blood circulation, increase blood oxygen content, accelerate skin cell metabolism.

NeoRevive Results of Oxygeneo

NeoBright Results

Before & After of oxygeneo radio frequency oxygen facial machine

TriPolar Technology - TriPolar 3rd oxygen facial machine RF technology

TriPolar makes use of RF energy to stimulate collagen & elastin regeneration in the dermis layer. Oxygeneo rf oxygen facial machine unique deep clean oxygen head is composed of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid contains a unique natural active ingredient in the gel when the deep cleaning of the dynamic oxygen head and nutrient-rich gel in contact with the skin when the two of the chemical Reaction can produce a lot of carbon dioxide! So remove the old skin horny clean skin can penetrate the active ingredient is rich in nutrients to the deep skin of the skin. Nutritional substances to deep skin can help improve the skin's effects for a long time.

Before & After

TriPolar utilizes RF energy to induce collagen & elastin regeneration in the dermis layer

Advantages of skin whitening OxyGeneo oxygen Facial Machine

  1. Make the skin from the inside out, produce natural oxygen
  2. Combine the best cleaning with exfoliation
  3. Skin activity to the highest supply of skin advanced nutrition
  4. Safe and effective best skin tightening rf oxygen facial machine treatment
  5. Immediate and long-term results
  6. Has been clinically proven
  7. Tailored treatment
  8. Good design

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