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body massage machine for weight loss
body massage machine for weight loss body massage machine for weight loss

4 in 1 Multifunctional vacuum roller rf 40k ultrasonic cavitation body fat reduction machine

  • item no.:

  • Warranty:

    1 year
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Cooling System:

    Wind cooling
  • Screen:

    8 inch touched screen (LCD)
  • Voltage:

    220VAC / 50-60Hz (110VAC optional)
  • Laser Type:

    650nm Lipolaser
  • Function:

    Body slimming, Body Shape, Weight loss, Massage Relaxation etc
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Fast slim 4 in 1 lipolaser rf vacuum roller fat reducing Machine

Product Introduction of vacuum roller rf slimming machine

By using the vacuum inside of the handle so the deep skin tissue will be sucked and promoted along with the rollers in the handle, this machine can achieve a through massage in the skin tissue so to accelerate the metabolism of connective tissue, fat tissue , subcutaneous tissue and lymphatic system. This machine can be used in the skin with Cellulite and improve the distribution of fat which means the skin can regain the tightness and elasticity and then reduce wrinkle in the treated area.The slimming machine is using three advanced technologies :rollers to achieve massage in a mechanism way and vacuum to suck and promote the skin and the red light treatment to work together to achieve the slimming and body shaping result. 

4 in 1 vacuum rf velashape machine

velashape slimming

Technical Parameters

Display screen

8' ' TFT true-color touch screen

Infrared Spetrum


Machine Type

ODIVelashape body slimming machine 

Lipo Laser power(Big vacuum)


Lipo Laser power(small vacuum)


Vacuum power

<=100k Pa

Rotate speed




RF frequency


RF energy density



3 (Big Vacuum rf roller + Small Vacuum rf + 40KHz Ultrasound)

Effect area:

40*60mm, 15*25mm

Real Shots

rf vacuum roller fat reducing Machine

rf vacuum roller fat reducing Machine

Advantages of  probes in one machine

1.Safe and non-invasive with high security which is suitable for every skin type.
2.Adopted advanced vacuum technology to promise the long lasting result and no serious pain will be caused so the treatment is enjoyable.
3.Non-invasive with no wounds caused so there is no need of time for recovery.
4.Low noise technology with two branded pumps from famous manufacturer to make sure strong vacuum with low noise.
5.Adjustable vacuum strengths and frequency to promise a treatment with pleasure.
6.Super slimming machine with 4 technologies combined :laser, ultrasound, vacuum and red light
7.Comfortable ,wound free and pain free during the treatment.
8.Easy to learn and operate.
9.No disposable spare parts with low cost and high profits.
10.Can be used with many product to not only enhance the result but also the confidence of the doctor so one can promote service to patients
11.Adopted advanced vacuum and rollers which is the leading technology among other competitors in the beauty equipment.

4 in 1 lipolaser rf vacuum roller fat reducing Machine

Liposuction cavitation machine Treatment

1.Body shaping after birth, to remove stretch marks, orange-like skin and proud flesh.
2.To lift and tighten the skin butt, waist to have a good shape.
3.To lose weight and burn fat and tighten the skin.
4.Fat melting and burning.

rf vacuum roller fat reducing Machine

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