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carbon lotion
carbon lotion

50g soft laser carbon cream for black doll treatment

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  • Working Mode:

    Used with yag laser machine for black doll treatment
  • Function:

    deep face cleaning, shrinking pores and skin rejuvenation etc     
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50g soft laser carbon cream for black doll treatment

The superfine nanometer activated carbon of carbon cream has tight adsorption properties and characteristics, can be deep into pores effectively and tightly hold the annoying grease and dirt. Carbon cream can be exploded then disappear after absorbing strong laser energy which can effectively shatter deep dirt in skin. Meanwhile high thermal energy fully stimulate the regeneration of dermis collagen and contraction of collagen fibrous tissue. So as to shrink pores, whiten skin, deep clean face, remove blackhead and improve acne problem etc.

1.Main ingredients

Carbon cream contains medical special used carbon cream, vitamin B3, a variety of marine mineral and algae

2.Product features

 High density, ultra fine, permeable and strong adsorbability


Deep cleaning face, shrinking pores, skin rejuvenation , skin whitening and improve acne problem etc

Treatment Steps of carbon cream

1. Cleaning face with facial cleanser

2. Apply moderate carbon cream on face, please avoid eyes and mouth

3. After 10-15 minutes, carbon cream become dry and absorbed enough by pores. Start the yag laser black doll treatment

4. Apply mask on face after treatment

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