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Anti-aging Treatment

Wrinkle Removal & Skin Tightening & Face lift

Anti-aging Treatment

When the age is growing, the face will appear wrinkles and will not be so smooth. Aging can not be avoided but not terrible, the terrible thing is that you ignore it, so that aging go faster.

ODI HIFU is a trustworthy type of non-invasive procedure that make use of high intensity focused ultrasonic to delivers heat energy to SMAS system directly, which can  effectively restore skin elasticity and remove wrinkles.

For non-surgical and effective skin anti-aging treatments, besides hifu machine, ODI provide 1550nm anti-aging laser and RF machines that give significant and quick results. After only one treatment, you’ll see obvious effect in the smoothness of your skin, making you look years younger.

ODI Kisseyes - Expert of Eyes Beauty

As we all know that skin around the eyes are thin and the eye balls are fragile too and most of the machine in market are not available for the eyes but our company got devotion for the beauty equipment and after years of investment of money and talent and we improved the shining eyes and found that it can greatly improve the troubles that we encountered when we tend to take care of our eyes and date and clinical experiments have shown that ODI Kisseyes rf eye lift machine is safe and reliable in use.

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eye lift beauty machine

Operational attention and taboos for rf eye lift device

Those who cant receive the operation
  • Those was embedded with cardiac pacemaker or devices alike.should not do this operation.
  • Women in her pregnancy
  • Those who took isotretinoin in the past 9 months.
  • Fillers in the face and if the golden wire is transplanted and one is not supposed to do this 
  • Those who with serious heart disease,diabetes and hashitoxicosis
  • Those who received operation and is in the recovering period.
  • Those who suffered from advanced tumor

Attentions to be paid after treatment.

  • Should not do fierce exercise the day after treatment.
  • Should pay attention to hydrating work and sunblock and is advice to use facial masks for four times a weeks and drink more than 2000cc water.
  • Please dont wear makeup the day after operation and one day after you can wear light makeup but do not wear heavy makeup in four days
  • After treatment and please dont go to places contain high heat like sauna and sunbathe 
  • Do not eat spicy food ,dont smoke,drink alcohol but do eat more vegetable and fruit and eat more food that is less heavy .

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