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shr ipl beauty machine
shr ipl beauty machine

Big spot size skin rejuvenation and hair removal E-light ipl machine

  • Item NO.:

  • Warranty:

    One Year
  • Light Source Type:

    Intense Pulse Light
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Pulse Width:

  • Treatment Tips:

    530nm & 640nm Tips
  • Cooling System:

  • Screen:

    8 inch Touched Screen
  • Frequency:

  • Power:

  • Wavelength:

  • Function:

    Permanent hair removal, pigmentation removal, skin rejuvenation and acne treatment etc
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Product description

Hair removal E-light ipl machine is the one that combined the IPL and RF technologies to achieve the results by working in the dermal skin layer and the connective tissue for it will stimulate the reshape and growth of collagen in different depth. When the handle with two technologies mixed is working on the skin and the skin will have a selective absorption of light so the pathological skin tissues in the dermal and epidermal skin layer will have photothermal effect. As the technology used in this machine is far advanced than the traditional acne treatment E-lgiht ipl machine, so it can have the pathological tissues absorb more energy in the dermal and epidermal skin layer to achieve a better result with no harm do to the skin.

Technical Parameters of shr ipl opt machine


OD-E7 shr ipl opt machine



Spot size

10*50mm (Selective 15*50mm 50*70mm)


One handle / Two Hanldes (Optional)

Cooling system

semiconductor+air+water+cooling gel

IPL light energy


Ipl Lamp

UK-imported IPL Lamp

Span Time of lamp

80.000 shots

Pulse Duration


Pulse NO.


Skin cooling



8"color touch screen

Output power


SHR width


SHR frequency



110V,60HZ or 220V,50HZ

Package size

L99*W63*H77cm (package)



Working Principle of shr ipl opt machine

Principle of permanent hair removal
Skin care SHR E-light ipl machine is one of the newest technologies that used in hair removing for the intense pulse light that has been filtered can easily be absorbed by the melanin in hair and the hair follicle and then transferred into heat and the heat will heat up the hair and hair follicle in a fast speed when the temperature is up to 60°C and above the hair will stop growing and the cells in the hair follicle will be dead so the hair will fall out after the treatment. New hair will grow in a slow speed and fewer hair will grow out and the color of hair will be shallow till all the hair is removed. 

Principle of skin rejuvenation,tiny vascular and freckle removal
This is making use of the principle that hemoglobin and pigment will absorb the light selectively and when absorbing the light and light will turn into heat so the target tissue is heat and will be broken down into pieces with no harm do to the normal skin tissue. Especially for the epidermal skin and will achieve the result by damaging the pathological tissue. 
Principle of acne and pimple removal
The principle of acne and pimple removal is that the intense pulse light will help with sterilization and killing the propioni bacterium and the red light and RF technologies will be applied to the skin to lower the activeness of sebaceous gland while at the same time lower the chances of having a hyperpigmentation and the RF technology will also accelerate the growth of collagen so with these functions all together to achieve a better result of removing acne.
Principle of fine lines removal and skin lifting 
Combining IPL with RF Technologies in speckle removal E-light ipl machine which means that thees two technologies can warm the dermal skin layer to an ideal temperature which will work on the treated dermal skin layer and the connective tissue to stimulate the growth of collagen in different depth to achieve the result of fine lines removal and skin lifting.

Treatment of shr ipl opt machine 

  • Hair removal: Permanent hair removal, unwanted hair in the body(hair in the growing period)including the fine hair with shallow color.
  • Skin rejuvenation: Pore shrinking, rough skin, fine line removal and retrieve the elasticity of skin.
  • Speckle removal: freckle, sunburn, age pigment removal and other flaws in the face with pigment in the epidermal skin layer.
  • Acne removal: To lower the activeness of the sebaceous gland and it can also help with sterilization in the acne skin.
  • Tiny vascular removal: tiny vascular and reddish face removal.
  • Improve the skin condition: to make the skin tone even and skin whitened.

Product Advantages

1.The handle with the new technologies imported from US and Israel to promise the high energy with even energy distribution. Fashionable design and fine workmanship our handle is easy to operate with affordable price and comfort during the whole treatment. 
2.Components are imported abroad the sapphire crystal is from Japan, the modulator tube is from UK, the cooling chip is from Germany to guarantee long lifespan, stable light emitting and fewer chances of burning the handle.
3.The newest and exclusive self-detection system developed by the company.
4.New design of plug with silvering plate.
5.Clear structure in the machine which is easy to tell.
6. 1200w skin withtening E-light ipl machine has metal case and framework in the machine with the external water tank.



Subject : Big spot size skin rejuvenation and hair removal E-light ipl machine

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