Woman Laser Hair Removal Treatment Jun,24 2020

The chore of hair removal is the concern of any woman and the laser hair removal offers comfort, durability and the security that one seeks to eradicate its pilosity. The results obtained may vary according to the situation, the area treated and the person.

The jersey: a delicate area, in all points of view: it requires a high quality hair removal, the one offered by the 808nm diode laser hair removal machine. Classic shirt, indented or full: after consultation with a specialist doctor, a treatment of 6 to 8 sessions will lead to a flawless result. Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes. Sessions are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. An annual maintenance session will preserve the result.

This method is protected for that skin (otherwise tanned) or any organ. Led through the melanin from the hair, the laser drops only 5 mm underneath the skin. He's led with a specialist and security is guaranteed. In situation of high sensitivity, an anesthetic cream does apply.

Laser treatment for ladies for sure. The hairs from the upper lip, important: never shave these hairs, at the chance of stimulating their regrowth and consistency. These hairs, relatively thin and occasional power of melanin, will need more work than individuals found on other parts of the body.

Another special feature would be that the central zone reacts quicker than the lateral zones. Therefore, it is expected between 6 and eight sessions, spaced three or four days, because, more delicate to deal with, top of the lip locks are also endowed having a faster cycle.

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