Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Cheap Price Jun,24 2020

Like many of you, the question of definitive hair removal has long been in my head. I decided to take the laser hair removal step a few months ago. I asked you if an article on the subject would interest you and you have been many and many to say yes. It's time to share my experience with you. Rather than tell you all my sessions and make a story telling I will rather answer the questions you asked me.

First question, the one everyone asks. Does it hurt of 808nm diode laser hair removal machine treatment?Some dermatologists propose to apply, before the session, an anesthetic cream (1h30 before) personally I did not do it. I did not find the sessions painful, certainly it was not nice but it did not hurt. Some areas are more painful than others especially around the ankle for me. I just have tingling and sensations of snapping elastics on the skin, but I assure you it does not last. Once the session is over, no pain.

After the meeting, is there a special interview? Yes, after the session there are specific creams to put. I used Avene's cicalfate for two days after the session of laser hair removal. Then during the next 3-4 days an emollient cream from Ducray (the reference). Under the guidance of my dermatologist. And especially do not expose yourself to the sun!

Yes it's expensive, but when you see the price of epilations to be done every month in the institute, the price of razors, wax ... All this money spent per month makes you think. Personally, I paid 300 euros half-legs and 60 euros armpits per session.The session lasts 30 minutes for the half-legs and armpits.

I am rather mixed in 4 sessions, nothing under the armpits but still several sessions on the legs to achieve the desired result. But a good thing plus no hair ingrown since I started! A good hair removal solution for girls prone to ingrown hairs. Go see a dermatologist before to talk about laser hair removal is the best advice I can give. The dermatologist will test if your skin and hairiness are suitable for laser hair removal.Feel free to leave me a comment if you have other questions.

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