Oxygen Facial Therapy Pure Benefit  Jun,24 2020
Oxygen is a source of life is one of the 5 essential elements for life. It provides vitality and energy to all cells. When oxygen levels are low, the immune system weakens. In fact, the aging process is associated with a decrease in the levels of oxygen in the skin cells. With age, their levels decrease, resulting in the skin looking wrinkled and pale.Have you noticed that when you go to a city with poor air quality, it becomes difficult to breathe; Do you feel exhausted and fatigued easily? This is due to a shortage of quality oxygen in the air. Oxygen facial is the way to go when a totally natural solution is needed to rejuvenate the entire body.

Oxygen facial is one of the most avant-garde treatments that can be found in aesthetic centers. However, it is no secret that Oxygen Jet Peel Machine is the basis of life and the skin needs it just like the body. Ionized Oxygen facial is known as a technique that is initially used in Medicine and is now applied in the field of Aesthetics. Its applications have been studied by researchers with highly positive results. Scientists have proven for years that it serves not only to treat facial wrinkles, based on the action of the antioxidant power of oxygen, but as oxygenated medical therapy.

We will focus on its uses at the level of facial and / or corporal aesthetics
In recent years Oxygen Treatments have been recognized as essential in skin care, from oxygen creams to oxygen spraying treatments and oxygen inhalation, most spas and salons around the world have something in his menu that relates to oxygen to offer his client. Maybe you have heard about oxygen facials from celebrities in the world, Michael Jackson and Maddona, during their last world tour, I promote the benefits of having frequent oxygen treatments in almost every interview you granted, even going so far enough to travel with his own beautician so that he could participate in a facial oxygen diary. But aside from the support of celebrities, what are the aesthetic benefits of oxygen?

The treatment consists of inhaling ionized oxygen for a few minutes in a controlled and controlled manner. This is how a greater amount of oxygen reaches the blood and by extension to the cells, performing an important regenerative work. The session begins by cleansing the skin with an enriched cleansing milk, by means of a methodical massage, we continue with a peel, to leave the skin free of dead cells and dirt. All this in order to make the skin more receptive to the treatment. We apply the specific product for the characteristics that we want to correct. The next step is to put a mask on the skin of the entire face, neck, eyes and mouth, with a very high rate of adhesion, so we can increase the penetration rate of the products, it is the perfect time to put the respirator to inhale ionized oxygen. The objective is to enhance the effects of the treatment, revitalize the body, relax the mind and increase our regeneration abilities, thirty minutes later we remove the whole mask, since it will have become a second skin and we finish with a facial massage. It is an aesthetic treatment system for the most pleasant facial beauty and increases the vital tone.

It is scientifically proven that O2 brings vitality to the cells, helps eliminate free radicals, in addition to reaffirming and rejuvenating the skin, since it stimulates the formation of collagen. Oxygen facial is not aggressive and is not contraindicated in any case. Facial oxygenation stimulates skin circulation by rejuvenating it, resulting in a radiant and healthy glow.

It helps promote healing and rejuvenation, to stressed skin impoverished by toxins, contaminants, allergens, inadequate diet and sun damage. Acne conditions also benefit greatly. Suited its use for peeling or exfoliation treatments when desquamation is not desired. This treatment is also ideal two or three days before a special event. Oxygen is sprayed onto the surface of the skin, producing a rose-colored dispersion and a rapid heat sensation, resulting in a radiant and healthy appearance that lasts up to ten days. As we have seen, the multiple benefits of Facials with Oxygen represent a revolution in the world where health and aesthetics go hand in hand and are becoming essential options to offer our customers.

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