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Body Slimming Treatment

Body Slimming Treatment

From time to time, we thought of a body shape miracle cure. A painless, fast fix weight loss treatment to remove fat rolls from our stomach and get rid of fat from our thighs and arms. ODI Body slimming treatment can offer you a safe, no down time, non-invasive body slimming option that gives significant results.

ODI Velashape slimming machine combine 4 high-techs 650 lipo laser + 40k Cavitation + Vacuum Roller + RF in one machine which works well on the problem of cellulite and loose.

Beside velashape, ODI S90 and SR1 liposonix hifu slimming machine provide comfortable body slimming procedure helps to re-contour the shape of your body without surgery.

Eleven:Attention and maintenance for ODI 3D Cry Lipo fat freezing machine

Machine care and maintenance.

  • Before using and please check if the machine is correctly connected in a right way.
  • Before using please make sure that the water tank has filled with distilled water and it is not allow to run the machine with no water .
  • When the machine starts and please wait for one minute for the water circulation system to fully operates .
  • When the handles are not being used and please hang them in the hanger and when they are being used please hold it well to prevent any man made damage.
  • After the treatment and please clean the handles with clean cloth then sterilize with ethanol to prevent any crossed infection.
  • Any pain or discomfort happens and please terminate the operation and ask help from a doctor if necessary.
  • During the treatment and if any situation happen to this machine and please shut down the machine with emergency stop button and contact with sale representative or the engineer.
  • Do not use this machine in places with direct sun exposure,high humidity ,water ,vibration and leaning places ,places with strong magnetic, electromagnetic wave and places with chemical drug and corrosive gas.
  • Please use socket in 220-240V 50/60HZ.
  • Do not touch the power switch when the body parts are wet.
  • When the machine is being moved and please use the factory package to reduce vibration and need to cut off the power when moving the machine.
  • Do not use metal or frictional equipment to avoid the cause of fire.
  • Do not disassemble the machine randomly and place it at places with room temperature and avoid direct.

[Statement] : Places where temperature goes below 0℃

If the machine is not being used for a long time or need to be moved from one place to anther and one should empty the water of laser machine and the hand piece
Do not place the machine in the environment where below 0℃ for three hours for researches found the fact that water below 0℃ will expend its volume, when it is moved and the accurate behavior it will show is that when the machine is being moved and the fluid water will be solid ice and ice got a larger volume so it will do damage to the water pipe ,cooling fan ,inner water circulation and optical maser water circulation and other parts .

Weight loss and slimming are topics discussed almost every day among women even men. It seems that nowadays, people of all ages pay more attention to their appearance.Losing weight is not also considered an option to stay healthy and but also a way to increase confidence.

Summer is the peak season for weight loss. In addition to doing physical exercises and maintaining a healthy diet,there are numerous slimming treatments available in the market. However, people get confused when facing these options.What types of body slimming machine are most effective to weight loss ? Are they really cause no harm to human body? Can treatment receivers maintain a good sharp over a long period of time? All these are frequently asked questions in beauty salons and clinics.

Body slimming equipment is mainly divided into three categories: cavitation (vacuum) with radio frequency (rf), cryo slimming machine with cavatation (vacuum) and ultrasonic slimming machine.

Cavitation Body Slimming Machine

The principle behind cavitation body slimming machine is that it uses ultrasound,a frequency of 40kHz to produce powerful energy that can directly penetrates the epidermis. Such strong energy can increase the friction and impact fat cells, from which fatty acids can be broken down. The function of lipolaser, cavatation and radio frequency can directly fragment fat cells and reduce the number of fat cells, and finally achieve fat reduction.

Receiving treatments with cavitation body slimming machine,you can enjoy a non-surgical and non-invasive fat reduction experience.It can also contour the body shape and maintain health while losing weight. A treatment only takes 30 to 45 minutes and you can see the results immediately. It is an ideal choice for beauty salons and clinics.

In response to the high market demand, as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of slimming body machine, we launched the S1-40K machine. Compared with the similiar machines in the market, like 5 in 1, 6 in 1 etc, it is more durable and stable. Its excellent performance comes from its working principles and manufacturing materials and configuration.

1) Real ultrasound of 40kHz, really dissolving fat cells
2) Multiple working mode options and multiple energy settings to meet your needs
3) High-quality imported accessories to make it more durable
4) The 8-inch large screen makes the process of treatment more convenient
5) 4 in 1 big handle piece with RF, vacuum, roller and 650nm red light. 3 in 1 Small handle piece with RF, vacuum and 650nm red light. It’s perfect matched, you can choose the best operation methods according to different parts.

Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis Body Slimming Machine

Fat freezing cryolipolysis body slimming machine can make our body fat frozen to the point that “death”.

This is because the triglycerides (TG,are the main constituents of body fat in humans)will be converted into solids at 4°C and then through the normal metabolic system, it will be gently eliminated and excreted from our body. At the same time, it is also very safe because in the subcutaneous tissue. Fat is particularly sensitive to low temperature and the adjacent tissue cells such as blood vessel cells, nerve cells, melanocytes, fiber cells, or fat cells with insufficient fat have low sensitivity to low temperature. In this condition, the skin surface can be protected.

If you just use ice cubes, you will hurt yourself. But fat freezing cryolipolysis body slimming machine can accurately control the temperature and depth of action. This non invasive and non surgical device can transmit the cryo wave to the part of our body and achieve weight loss.Applying strong cavatation and a constant temperature control for about half an hour, it will realize fat reduction but meanwhile not damaging other tissues. After one to three months, those fat cells will slowly metabolize.

There are different types of freezing cryolipolysis body slimming machine available in the market,varying in modes and functions for body and face fat reduction ( or treatments for double chin), but most of them do not have a strong power to support this cooling system,resulting damages to the skin surface. However,we work very hard to solve this problem our vertical slimming equipment for example (model: S7) is the best choice for cryo slimming treatment. The main benefits of using freezing cryolipolysis body slimming machine for fat reduction are

1)First of all, this fat freezing cryolipolysis body slimming machine doesn’t need membrane, which is cost-effective
2)Strong cooling and cavatation: high quality TEC cooling plate and motor imported from Japan and solenoid valves imported from USA
3)Active nanoscale silica gel applicators, patented external water tank, self-detection system to help you achieve excellent slimming results

Ultrasonic RF Body Slimming Machine

When we talk about “ultrasound”, you may think about hifu, which is best-known for its anti-aging functions. But in fact, ultrasound can be also used for weight loss. Hifu body slimming machine, also known as Liposonix, is a type of slimming machine highly recognized by FDA.

This portable machine uses non-invasive technology of high intensity focused ultrasound (hifu).When Ultrasonic RF Body Slimming Machine

works, it automatically locks the 0.8~1.3cm subcutaneous fat layer, converts the ultrasonic focus into heat energy of 65~70 degree and cools down immediately after the treatment. It destroys the target area, causes the fat cells to undergo coagulative necrosis, and ensures that the surrounding nerves and arterioles remain intact and not damaged. Also the heat generated by this slimming machine can shrink and regenerate the fibers of the subcutaneous tissue and the collagen in the diaphragm.

This is another non invasive and non surgical machine for fat reduction for our face and body. But just like Thermage, this radio frequency (rf) machine, the treatment tips have exact valid shots to ensure its safety and efficiency. So it is crucial to find the reliable suppliers who can provide treatment tips with high quality. In ODI Technology, you will find the best ultrasonic slimming machine and the treatment tips with 525 valid shots. Also there are three modes available to choose: 256 dots, 400 dots or 576 dots.

If you find any the above-mentioned slimming treatment methods useful for you,please feel free to write to us to request a full detailed booklet. According to our past experience, whether it is a beauty salon or a personal choice of a weight loss equipment,safety,price and effectiveness are the top three considerations.We are fully aware of what our clients most care about and we are working hard to satisfy all our clients requirements.

No matter which treatment method is chosen, the first consideration is which one is most suitable to you.Achieving weight loss goals,besides going to the gym and having a plant based meal, slimming body machine is also a desirable choice for you.

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