Celebration for Children’s Day

Jun 06, 2020

Be a child and smile innocently. Be a child and be willful coquettishly. Be a child and without trouble. Be a child and be upwards day by day. The advent of Children's Day always makes people unable to help recalling the past. Carefree smile and clear eyes, It is the beauty memories we still miss so much.

When we grew up, we were busy for work and life, and that innocence was farther and farther away from us. Why not enjoy the day like a child during the Children’s day?

We can make all kinds of funny expressions and take photos with the cute balloons.

We can play this handkerchief-throwing game like we were a kid.

And we can also play hide and seek game.

Make a funny and weird video show.

Play a table tennis friendly match.

Eat the favorite snacks when we were young, etc….

Adults' minds will always imprison themselves unconsciously, feel that they have grown up, and then play with these things is really naive. But when you really play, that kind of heartfelt laughter will tell you that it is just a mentality. You can decide how you want to live and play.

We ODI technology company has always the principle of: Work hard and live happily!

We company pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees, and strives to create a good and pleasant working atmosphere, so that we can serve our customers more actively and Passionately, and make better products.

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