Coronavirus & Flu Prevention

Mar 30, 2020

Coronavirus & Flu Prevention

As the epidemic has gradually affected in the different countries these days. We strongly concern about the epidemic condition worldwide.

Recently it is under control in China. We would like to share some experiences with you about what we should do during the epidemic.

1. Keep a good mood. Don’t worry a lot about covid-19, it’s not so horrible. More than 93% can be cured after affected.

2. Stay at home and don’t go outside. Because of the strong spreading of coronavirus, if too many people are affected at the same time, the hospital system will be broken down, and the patient can’t be treated in time.

3. Wear Mask when you have to go outside. Most of the coronavirus patient is affected by the respiratory tract. Mask can block infecting most probably.

4. Wash hand frequently. It’s better with 75% alcohol.

5. Social distancing. Stop any Party or meeting. Keep 1-2 meters away from other people when going outside.

Now is a crucial moment, a time for us to rise up to challenge and act with swiftness. We convinced that through solidarity and mutual assistance, we will embrace a brighter future for mankind.

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