Difference of IPL and Diode Laser Hair Removal

Apr 26, 2019

Laser, pulsed light IPL, electrolysis ... Several ways of permanent laser hair removal are in the marketplace, therefore it may appear difficult to select one of these. Do not concern yourself, it's simpler than you believe to obtain the method suited for you! Certainly, they all are effective and every one has different benefits of meet different special needs.?Although definitive laser treatment differs in certain respects from pulsed light IPL, both of these techniques have numerous similarities. Thus, the key utilized by these to remove hair is identical. Both really use light waves that, once absorbed through the skin, become heat to permanently destroy follicles of hair.

Despite these couple of variations, you can observe these two techniques are, having a couple of exceptions, much the same. The truth is, being both extremely effective and virtually identical, it might be a good idea to help make your choice in line with the clinic that provides the service as opposed to the device used. Actually, you might want to select a medico-aesthetic clinic that you simply already attend, in which you feel great, in which the employees are qualified and respectful, or who offers a number of services that you want to retain later on.

Electrolysis is the oldest method of permanent hair removal used. Practiced for more than a century, it consists of introducing a very fine needle into the hair follicle and applying an ultra-fast electric current that will allow the elimination of the bulb. It is a method recognized for its high efficiency and for its safety aspect.Since electrolysis requires one-to-one hair treatment, which is necessarily very time-consuming, you may be wondering why a person would choose this method over 808nm diode laser hair removal machine or pulsed light. It's simple ...

As mentioned earlier, not all types of hair can be treated with laser or pulsed light. Actually, the blond, white or red hairs can not be eliminated by these two methods, but the electrolysis will have no difficulty to stop them. The same goes for dark and black skin that, although they can be treated with pulsed light, will present less optimal results to this method which works better on pale skin ... Again, electrolysis works perfectly good on a dark skin as on a clear skin.That's not all! Following a laser treatment or pulsed light, it is common and quite normal that small hairs have resisted treatment. It is therefore relevant, from a monetary point of view and given the small amount of remaining hairs, to eliminate the latter by means of electrolysis rather than to add additional sessions to the cure. 

Finally, some people will simply choose to turn to electrolysis to treat small areas where hair is weak, such as underarms for some people, since the treatment time will be reasonable and probably fewer sessions than the laser or pulsed light will be needed. You now know that several methods of permanent hair removal are very effective and that some of them are particularly adapted to specific types of pigmentation of skin and hair. So, no matter which method you choose, the important thing is to feel comfortable where you will receive your care and ensure you get quality professional service through Health Canada approved devices. See our "Services" section for more details on each of the techniques presented. We invite you to fill out an online consultation form to receive a free evaluation for a complete permanent hair removal treatment!

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