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emslim machine
emslim machine emslim machine emslim machine emslim machine emslim machine

emslim machine electromagnetic sculpting weight loss system suppliers

  • item no.:

  • Warranty:

    1 Year
  • Certificate:

    MDRCE, ce, ISO13485, ISO9001
  • Weight:

  • Dimension:

    42*42*118 cm
  • Voltage:

  • Function:

    Weight Loss, Skin Tightening
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Comparison between exercise and EMslim

HIFEM machine Principle

(Left :Normal exercise Right: EMslim treatment)

Emslim machine Principle

The use of high-intensity focused electromagnetic field energy technology has the ability to induce muscle "super contraction". The high-frequency alternating magnetic field generates an induced current in the muscle tissue, depolarizes the nerve membrane, and excites the motor unit of the target muscle. This excitatory effect is highly selective; due to the physiological characteristics of muscle tissue, only motor neurons are activated, while other neurons or tissues do not respond to the current and are therefore not affected. The instrument has two treatment heads, which can be placed on the abdomen or buttocks individually (or at the same time) to help you move your muscles.

hifem machine Treatment Principle

skin, fat and also muscular tissue develop your general body look.

the non-ivansive emslim treatment generates effective contraction not attainable with volunteer tightenings.

hifem machine Treatment Principle

when revealed to these tightenings, the skin stays untouched while the power permeates to fat and also muscle mass layers.

the muscle mass cells is compelled to adjust to such severe problem

hifem machine Wrinkle Removal

the body reacts with a deep renovation of its internal framework that causes bodybuilding as well as forming your body.

emslim machine Working Parameters
Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand ODI
Feature Weight Loss, Skin Tightening
After-sales Service Provided Online support, Video technical support
Technology Type Electromagnetic Pulses
Voltage In 220v
Package 42*42*118 cm
Model Number ODI-C
Certification MDRCE, ce, ISO13485, ISO9001
Application For Commercial
Warranty 1 Year
Magnetic Field Strength 7 Tesla
Voltage Out 1200V
Weight 80Kg
Machine Function
Machine Function

Improve rectus diastasis

Muscle building

Fat burning

emslim Treatment Area
HIFEM Treatment belly


HIFEM Treatment hip


HIFEM Treatment claf


HIFEM Treatment arm


HIFEM Treatment waist


emslim Machine Functions
hifem machine Fat burning & blasting

Fat burning & blasting: Minimize the fat in the body as well as the fat cells will certainly be blowing up with the solid tightening of muscle mass and also after the therapy fat will certainly be removed by the body hence to lower the quantity of fat layer.

hifem machine Muscle building

Muscle building: Solid volunteer contraction will certainly boost the strength as well as quantity of the muscle mass hence the a lot more muscle mass fibers will certainly generated as well as the muscular tissue will certainly have a tendency to be more powerful at the same time.

Machine Introduction
Machine Introduction

1: Screen

2: Power button

3: Handle hanger

4: Card slot

5: Handle hanger

6: Handle connector

7: Power cable connector

Protocol 1 Screen Introduction
Protocol 1 Screen Introduction

1. Return to the main interface

2. Standby button

3. Choose handle single or both handle can work

4. Start button(when click this and it will enter record interface and input patient information)

5. Working time of the handle

6. Energy intensity of the handle B

7. Energy intensity of the handle A

Protocol 2 Screen Introduction
Protocol 2 Screen Introduction

1.Return to the main interface

2.Standby button

3.Choose handle single or both handle can work

4.Start button(when click this and will go to a record interface and input patient information)

5.Working time of the handle

6.Contraction frequency 3

7.Contraction frequency 2

8.Energy intensity of the handle A

9.Energy intensity of the handle B

10.Contraction frequency 1

Treatment Steps

1.Remove all the metal objects on the treatment area before treatment, including necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings, belts, metal buttons on pants, etc.

2.Warm-up exercise for 5 minutes: first select a lower intensity for warm-up and body function adaptation;

3.Formal exercise: According to the body's energy, increase the intensity and change the exercise mode to achieve the effect of reducing fat and building muscle;

4.Relaxation exercise: 5 minutes before the end, adjust the relaxation mode to relax the muscles.

Suggested Energy








Heat up



/ / /




/ / /
Relaxing 5 30-40% / / /
Mode2 Heat up 5 20-30% 50-60% 50-60% 50-60%
Treating 20 60-100% 80-100% 80-100% 80-100%
Relaxing 5 30-40% 50-60% 50-60% 50-60%
Suggested Treatment Projects



Treatment course


Vest line



Every 3 days

Butt Shaping



Every 3 days

Rectus diastasis



Every 3 days

Spare Parts List




Power cable

Power cable

emslim machine THE effect SAYS IT ALL
hifem machine Average Fat Reduction

Average Fat Reduction

hifem machine Average Increase In Muscle Mass

Average Increase In Muscle Mass

hifem machine Average Reduction in Diastasis Recti

Average Reduction in Diastasis Recti

hifem machine Average Patint Satisfaction

Average Patint Satisfaction

emslim Machine Advantage

❖Purpose Of Emslim Machine

This device triggers muscles in a location to make 10s of countless tightenings throughout the therapy, as though you were doing impossibly great deals of crises or squats in a brief time period. This is made to aid construct brand-new muscle mass fibers as well as tone existing fibers for better-sculpted muscular tissues. It's presently shown to deal with the abdominal muscles, butts, upper legs, as well as arms.

❖Technology Of Emslim Machine

This maker makes use of high-intensity concentrated electro-magnetic innovation to generate uncontrolled supramaximal contraction in the therapy location. Supramaximal tightenings involve 100% of the muscular tissue fibers in a location, assisting to tone the muscle mass much faster than workout alone.

❖Results Of Emslim Machine

Emslim Machine can noticeable renovations in muscular tissue tone similar to what one could anticipate after exercising for lots of months, within concerning 4 weeks of the last therapy. Numerous people state they really feel the location is stronger and also tighter within days after therapy. Nonetheless, as you understand with muscular tissues: you utilize it or lose it. While it's feasible to appreciate a long time with tighter abdominals or better-defined butts, you can not utilize Emsculpt as a substitute for workout, as well as you will certainly require to duplicate a therapy collection consistently to keep the outcomes.

Notice Before Using

Taboo Crowds

People with pace maker

People did brain surgery before

Women in pregnancy, period and lactation



Do not apply this machine on aorta

Do not apply on the neck area

Do not apply on the heart

Do not apply in the area with metal and take away all the metal objects in the treatment area



The following patient should consult doctor before treatment

People with serious heart disease

People did surgery and is recovering from other treatment

People with hernia

emslim machine Before treatment & After
hifem machine Average Fat Reduction

emslim machine treatment befer

hifem machine Average Increase In Muscle Mass

emslim machine treatment afer

hifem machine Average Reduction in Diastasis Recti

emslim machine treatment befer

hifem machine Average Patint Satisfaction

emslim machine treatment afer

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