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picosure tattoo removal machine for sale
picosure tattoo removal machine for sale

Factory outlet laser pico machine for tattoo removal

  • Item NO.:

  • Warranty:

    One year
  • Light Source Type:

    Picosecond Laser
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Weight:

  • Pulse Width:

    2000 ps
  • Spots Diameter:

    2 -10mm
  • Cooling System:

    Water + Wind + Air Cooling
  • Voltage:

  • Frequency:

    1 - 10HZ
  • Power:

    2000w / 3000w
  • Wavelength:

    532nm1064nm(755nm Selective)
  • Laser Type:

    Picosecond Laser
  • Energy:

    3000mj / 6000mj
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Factory outlet laser pico machine for tattoo removal

What is Picosecond Laser Machine?

1 second = 103 ms (Millisecond)

= 106 microseconds (Microsecond)

= 109 ns (Nanosecond)

= 1012 picoseconds (Picosecond)

As the name suggests, Picosecond laser means its emitting laser pulse width up to picosecond level. According to "selective photothermolysis principle" proposed by famous American scholar Rox Anderson and John Parrish, the shorter laser action time, the less likely that the absorbed laser energy in the targeted tissue will spread to surrounding tissues, so the energy can be limited to targeted treatment area as well as protect surrounding normal tissue from damage, thus the selectivity of treatment is much stronger. Picosecond laser pulse is only one percent of traditional Q switched nanosecond lasers, and its superior performance ensure that picosecond laser machine can crush the pigments more thoroughly, while the damage to surrounding tissue is smaller.

Working Parameters

Laser Type

Picosecond laser

Laser Wavelength

532nm\1064nm(755nm Selective)

Laser output

1000w / 2000w



Maximum Energy

3000mJ / 6000mJ

Spot diameter

2 -10mm

Working Frequency

1 - 10HZ

Pulse width




Cooling system

Water + Wind + Air Cooling

Net weight


Advantages of picosecond laser machine

1. Introduce global Initiative Israel picosecond laser technology

2. Korea imported light guiding arm, uniform output light;

3. Professional instantaneous effect honeycomb lens, 19 high focus honeycomb spots, super mechanical shock wave effect, smash the melanin effectively, triple faster than normal treatment of original nd yag laser machine.

4. 2000ps ultra-narrow pulse width, to provide 7 times melanin smashing effect of traditional nd yag laser, without melanin precipitate.

5. Strong powerful medical used power supply, the energy is really adequate and uniform, to  avoid melanin precipitate.

6. Super tank design, high power radiator, can continuous work a long time but it is not overheated.

7. Modular design, convenient for engineering maintenance;

8. 12.1 inches large LCD touch screen, professional operation interface, to give you better user experience;

9. The immediately effective honeycomb lens causes the skin vacuolization effect, that can  protect the epidermis from the wound then achieve mechanism to start tissue repair, providing more diversified treatment.


1. Remove tattoo in Body, Eyeline, Lip line, Eyebrow
2. Epidermis and dermal pigment
3. Nevus of Ota
4. Freckle Removal, Black Spot Removal, Age Pigment Removal
5. Sunburn and Coffee spots removal

Before & After

Treatment Advantages

1. Back to newborn skin

  Picosecond laser machine’s holographic focusing technology can make amplification of its high speed and high energy, applied to the skin in the formation of focal point, stimulate the proliferation of collagen, pock, smooth fine lines, pores and other skin problems, achieve the rejuvenation effect. Stimulate the proliferation of collagen, offer solutions to scar, wrinkle, big pores etc.

2. Easily to whitening skin

  Alexander laser has always been the excellent laser source for pigment and spot removal, as its special wavelength has the highest specificity of melanin absorption among all the laser pigment removal machines, the effect of removing melanin is more obvious, with higher treatment speed to shorten treatment time, meanwhile with higher skin safety.

3. Away from risk of melanin precipitate

  Picosecond laser machine’s rapid wave has 7 times speed of normal yag laser, greatly reduce thermal damage to the skin, also reduce the risk of stimulating hyperplasia (melanin precipitate), suitable for many kind of skin with significant result.

4. Really can remove Chorioplaque & Chloasma

  Pico laser machine uses ultra short pulse width output mode and mechanical shock wave effect instead of thermal effects, the targeted tissue can be shattered into smallest particles, with no down time, can remove any kind of pigments, even include Chorioplaque & Chloasma.


Subject : Factory outlet laser pico machine for tattoo removal

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