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1064nm 532nm YAG Laser
1064nm 532nm YAG Laser 1064nm 532nm YAG Laser

Factory outlet nd yag picosecond laser tattoo removal equipment price

  • Item NO.:

  • Warranty:

    One Year
  • Light Source Type:

    Q Switch Nd Yag Laser
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Pulse Width:

  • Treatment Tips:

    Honeycomb Head/1064nm/532nm (Optional)
  • Cooling System:

    Air cooling + water cooling
  • Screen:

    8 inch Touched Screen
  • Voltage:

    220V/5A or 110V/10A
  • Frequency:

  • Power:

  • Function:

    Tattoo Removal, Skin Rejuvenation and Pigment Removal etc
  • Energy:

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Factory outlet 10Hz nd yag picosecond laser tattoo removal equipment price

Why choose ODI PL9 Yag Pico Laser Machine?

  • With good result and fast recovery

ODI PL9 yag pico laser machine produce 1400mj strong laser pulse energy, which almost is the highest energy for normal nd yag laser machine. It means that ODI PL9 gives good result for tattoo removal, pigment removal and nevus removal etc.

What’s more Compare with normal Nd yag laser machine which with pulse width as long as 20ns, ODI PL9 Yag picosecond laser tattoo removal machine’s is as short as 6ns. It mean that laser energy stays on the skin surface in a very short time, greatly minimizing the risk of burns to get fast recovery.

  • With an extra golden honeycomb head

Besides, compare with normal nd yag laser machine, ODI PL9 Lite pico laser machine has an extra golden honeycomb tip with the focus lens array technology. A hexagonal array laser spots is emitted by this tip that just like picosure honeycomb tip, effectively offering solutions on skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, shrinking pores and fine lines improvement etc.

yag laser picosecond tattoo removal machine

pico laser pigmentation removal machine

Working Principle

Machine type

 Q switch pico laser tattoo removal machine

Laser Treatment Tips

1064nm/picosecond laser tip(standard) 532nm(selective)

Laser Pulse energy                        


Laser Pulse width


Laser Power


Laser Recurrence rate


Aming Light

Red infrared light

Laser Lamp life time

More than 1,500,000 shots

Energy output



Touched Screen

Case Material


Laser Cooling condition

Air cooling + water cooling

Laser Power source

220V/5A or 110V/10A

ODI PL9 Yag pico laser machine advantages

  • Special Pen-design straight type handpiece
     More precise structure is adopted in such pen-design handpiece, so as to emit more powerful and focused laser energy on skin, helping to acquire better treatment result.

     Besides, it is light and handy, easier for operation. Meanwhile red infrared indicator is used in the handpiece to target small treatment area more accurately, greatly enhancing point utilization and treatment accuracy, cost saving and treatment time shortening.

  • High performance
    UK-imported Laser Lamp with 1,500,000 valid shots
    Patented external water tank, fast change water in 40 secs, also easier for water checking
    Taiwan imported power supply and water pump
    Japan imported custom-made cooling fan

    Automobile Red Copper Radiator offer high heat dispersion

  • Easy Maintenance 
   With automatic testing and self-protecting system 
   Any possible problem, the machine would stop working automatically and the problems would be showed on the display at the same time. 
   For years, lots of handpieces had burned out because of people always forget to fill water before turning on the machine. Self-protecting system in ODI PL9 Lit picolaser machine helps to solve this problem perfectly, as the machine is prevented to run without filling water by this system.

Handle of lite pico laser machine

tattoo removal picolaser machine

Applications of laser pico beauty machine

1.Tattoo removal: Remove tattoo on body, mouth and eyebrow etc.
2.Pigment removal: Remove spots, sunburn, speckle and age pigment etc.
3.Full face skin rejuvenation, shrinking pores, fine line improvement and skin whitening etc.
4.Nevus of Ota removal and nevus removal

Before & After of odi tattoo removal pico laser machine

picosecond laser contrast picture


ODI PL9 Yag pico laser machine is not only used for tattoo removal and pigment removal, but also used for full face skin rejuvenation and fine line improve as with an extra golden honeycomb head. It is a benefit to expand cosmetic project and market space.


Subject : Factory outlet nd yag picosecond laser tattoo removal equipment price

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