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40K cavitation machine,fat reduction laser factory
40K cavitation machine,fat reduction laser factory 40K cavitation machine,fat reduction laser factory

Fast slim 4 in 1 40K cavitation rf vacuum roller fat reducing Machine

  • item no.:

  • Warranty:

    1 YEAR
  • Certificate:

    ce, ISO13485, ISO9001
  • Weight:

    74.000 kg
  • Dimension:

    106X70X69 cm
  • Screen:

    8 Inch LCD
  • Voltage:

    100-110V / 200-220V
  • Frequency:

  • Power:

  • Working Mode:

    RF Frequency
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Fast slim 4 in 1 40K cavitation rf vacuum roller fat reducing Machine

Advantages of ODI body slimming machine

Using less treatment time to get better effect 
One vacuum roller rf machine probe combine three technologies. For same treatment result, it saves 3 times of treatment time. As one slimming treament is equal to using rf probe, vacuum probe and 650nm 40K cavitation pads at the same time. 

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High quality spare parts

Well-designed massage roller, get through 100,000 times of rolling tests, ensure its safe treatment
Stable and durable build-in electric motor of slimming probe is imported from Japan
Taiwan imported air pump offering strong and uniform vacuum suction
Cooling fans is imported from Japan, greatly promote thermal dissipation, thereby increase the continuous wroking time for slimming body slimming machine
Adopt automatic filtering system, effectively advoide blocking causing by massage essential oil in tube.

fat reducing machine
40K cavitation machine video
fat reducing machine Treatment Principle Icon
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Strong ultrasonic technology

Burst fat handle hair use 40KHZ sound waves emitted gathered strong intense sound waves, speed vibrating fat cells, inside and outside the fat cells produce numerous vacuum air pockets, strong impact fat cells to generate introverted blast so that the fat cell membranes, make triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acid; and then by 1MHZ radiofrequency waves, so decomposition of glycerol and free fatty acids excreted through the enterohepatic circulation; finally tightened by the power and energy electrode positioning red burst fat, so as to achieve the effect of body weight loss. 1MHZ ultrasonic head can be used with products like the slimming gel, slimming creams, oils, serums. Promote product absorption and improve weight loss shaping effect.

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Roller mechanical massage

Large and small vacuum rotary wheel handle has a significant mechanical compression effect, especially spiral structure XF-Ⅰ wheel more accelerated skin tissue kneading, massage. Roller mechanical massage action (scroll & promotion) may promote exclude some metabolic waste, apoptotic cells and foreign bodies, while promoting tissue microcirculation, thus improving skin impressions, restore skin texture, reduce subcutaneous fat accumulation. In addition, the rotary roller massage the skin and muscles fully relax and rest, skin and muscle tissue to alleviate fatigue and pain, this time as the red and infrared light while the output energy, patient comfort will be doubled.

fast slimming machine q switch machine Vacuum adsorption

Vacuum adsorption

Large, small vacuum suction vacuum handle maximum output 8Kg can be a variety of skin tissue at all levels sufficient adsorption energy more effectively reach the subcutaneous tissue (fat layer), while the negative effect of absorbing and releasing promote blood circulation, improving local tissue metabolism, absorption and release action of negative pressure allows the skin and muscle tissue are fully relaxed, relieve fatigue skin and muscle tissue, this time as lost patient comfort and infrared light energy will be doubled.

fat roller machine q switch laser machine 940nm red light and infrared light

940nm red light and infrared light

Large and small hand vacuum treatment with simultaneous emission 700-2000nm (IR) (maximum 20W) infrared light can penetrate the entire skin layer, with the expansion of blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation, accelerate lymphatic circulation, improve the local tissue oxygen saturation effect; while the band spectrum can accelerate the metabolism of subcutaneous adipose tissue play a catalytic role in the ablation of subcutaneous fat, have a good supporting weight loss, slimming effect.

slimmer machine Instrument Feature

Security noninvasive: non-invasive, highly secure, suitable for all skin types.

Durable and efficient: the use of advanced vacuum technology, greatly improving the impact of persistent.

Seamless painless: the use of special treatment of head, the process is gentle.

Quick fix: a safe and effective.

No recovery: no damage after using the skin.

Low-noise technology: branded dual pump low noise technology, low noise vacuum strong, three-dimensional vacuum rhythm synchronization.

Negative pressure strength and frequency adjustable to provide comfortable treatment.

slimmer machine Treatment Scopes
fat reducing machines q switch nd yag laser tattoo removal machine china Treatment Scopes

Fat reduction.

Weight losing.

Body reshaping and contouring.

Skin tightening and firming.

Postpartum body reshaping.

Stretch marks and scars removal.

Hip lifting and beer belly removal.

Effective promoting tissue metabolism and blood circulation, better for whiten skin.

Introduction of the Handles
lipo laser slimming machine factory q switch laser suppliers Three-dimensional vacuum negative pressure

Three-dimensional vacuum negative pressure, mechanical rolling and skin fold, large negative pressure controller.

vela slim machine q switch laser manufacturers Three-dimensional vacuum negative pressur

Three-dimensional vacuum negative pressure, mechanical rolling and skin fold, large negative pressure controller

weight loss roller machine portable yag laser 40KHZ Strong ultrasonic,cellulite removal handle

40KHZ Strong ultrasonic、cellulite removal handle

Machine Introduction

Machine Detailed

40K Ultrasound probe: 40Khz ultrasound technology burst fat cells into liquid fatty acid, which is much easier to be absorbed and excreted by our body.
Big vacuum probe:Combine 4 technologies (RF + 650nm Lipo Laser + Vacuum Suction + Roller massage). Bringing the best body shaping result.
Small vacuum probe: Combine 3 technologies (RF + 650nm Lipo Laser + Vbcuum Suction). It is mainly used small treatment area, such as limbs shaping.Achieve the whole body slimming.
No consumables,cost-efficient.
4 in 1 technologies bringing the best story shaping result.
accelerate metabolism of cellulite.

rf fat reduction machine q switch machine Machine Detailed
automatic weight reducing machine q switch laser machine Using less treatment time to get better effect

Using less treatment time to get better effect

1 probe combine 3 technologies
For same treatment result, it saves 3 times of treatment time

slimmer machine q switch nd yag laser tattoo removal machine china Well-designed massage roller

Well-designed massage roller

Get through 100,000 times of rolling tests
Japan imported build-in electric motor(More stable and Durable)
Taiwan imported air pump(Offering strong & uniform vacuum suction)

lipolaser machine factory q switch laser suppliers Adopt automatic filtering system

Adopt automatic filtering system

Effectively advoide blocking causing by
massage essential oil in tube

Technical Advantages

The super-efficient slimming instrument Four: large, small vacuum + laser + burst fat.

Using the most high-end vacuum robot roller probe.

Two key programs.

Aslimming inner roller (clockwise + front axle rear axle clockwise)

Bouter roller Firming (front axle rear axle reversal reversal +).

CHost Display: 8 "TFT color touch screen.

Nursing process, comfortable, painless, non-invasive

Easy to operate, easy to use.

No consumption, low cost, quick return.

Technical Parameters

Display Screen
8 Inch LCD
Uitrasound Frequency
Flow Of Air Pump
Rotate Speed
Working Mode
RF Frequency
Probe Power
20W (Big Handle), 15W (Small Handle)
Vacuum Pressure
Absolute Value: 60KPa-10KPa (7.6cm Hg-60.8cm Hg)
100-110V / 200-220V
RF Frequency

Spare parts
fat reducing machine q switch laser manufacturers Big negative pressure

Big negative pressure

fat reduction laser factory portable yag laser Small negative pressure

Small negative pressure

lipo laser machine factory q switch machine 40K burst fat

40K burst fat

fast slimming machine q switch laser machine power cable

power cable

Safety Precautions
This instrument is a special instrument for beauty salons and is not suitable for home users. The operation of the instrument requires professional beautician operation, non-professional operation may cause unnecessary injury.
This operating system has a precision instrument with memory. Users should try not to move this machine long distances. The shock-absorbing packaging provided by the original manufacturer must be used during transportation.
When you receive the instrument, please check all the accessories and check whether the machine is damaged. Refer to the list of instrument accessories. If the machine is damaged during transportation, please write a report on the damage to the instrument, explaining the missing parts or the loss, and send a copy of the report to our company or dealer.
This operating system uses a single-phase 220V power supply, and the maximum output current is not more than 10A. In order to extend the service life of the machine and reduce the impact of power grid fluctuations on the machine, users need to use a 1000W voltage stabilizer.
The power supply used should be consistent with the specified power supply value marked on the machine, otherwise the machine may not work or even burn out the machine.
Please keep the original packaging of the instrument. If you need our assistance, you must wrap the machine in the original packaging before sending it for repair.
Do not disassemble the company's instrument or attempt to perform operations that are not described in this manual. All maintenance work must be performed by professional maintenance personnel approved by the company.
Reflective materials such as watches, mirrors, jewelry, etc. are prohibited in the treatment room.
In order to ensure safe use, this product strictly complies with the (photoelectric) corporate standards. Check whether the circuit is safe immediately after turning it on, and check the circuit continuously during the entire operation.
Do not install or operate the instrument near water sources or when your hands are wet, and be careful not to spill liquid on the instrument.
Do not place anything on the wire, and do not install the instrument in a place where the power cord is easy to be stepped on.
If the following situations occur, please unplug the instrument from the power socket and contact a professional service station.
a) The liquid is splashed on the instrument, or the instrument is exposed to rain or water;
b) The instrument emits peculiar smell, smoke or abnormal noise;
c) The power cord is scratched or damaged;
d) The instrument is dropped or the casing is damaged
Please unplug the power cord after use to ensure safety.
Do not insert objects of any kind into the opening of the instrument, otherwise there may be a
risk of fire or electric shock. If something falls into the instrument and you cannot remove it smoothly, please unplug the power cord of the instrument and contact the dealer or our company.
Do not place the instrument on an unstable cart, shelf or cart. If it falls over, the instrument may be seriously damaged.
In order to prolong the service life of this machine, the interval between continuous power on and off must be more than 1 minute.
Before & After
fat roller machine q switch nd yag laser tattoo removal machine china Before treatment

Before treatment

fat reducing machines q switch laser suppliers After treatment

After treatment

lipo laser slimming machine factory q switch laser manufacturers Before treatment

Before treatment

weight loss roller machine portable yag laser After treatment

After treatment

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