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Velashape body slimming machine
Velashape body slimming machine Velashape body slimming machine

Fast slim 4 in 1 lipolaser rf vacuum roller fat reducing Machine

  • item no.:

  • Warranty:

    1 year
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Cooling System:

    Wind cooling
  • Screen:

    8 inch touched screen (LCD)
  • Voltage:

    220VAC / 50-60Hz (110VAC optional)
  • Laser Type:

    650nm Lipolaser
  • Function:

    Body slimming, Body Shape, Weight loss, Massage Relaxation etc
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Fast slim 4 in 1 lipolaser rf vacuum roller fat reducing Machine

Advantages of ODI velashape body slimming machine

Using less treatment time to get better effect 
One vacuum roller rf machine probe combine three technologies. For same treatment result, it saves 3 times of treatment time. As one velashape treament is equal to using rf probe, vacuum probe and 650nm lipolaser pads at the same time. 
High quality spare parts
1.Well-designed massage roller, get through 100,000 times of rolling tests, ensure its safe treatment
2.Stable and durable build-in electric motor of velashape probe is imported from Japan
3.Taiwan imported air pump offering strong and uniform vacuum suction
4.Cooling fans is imported from Japan, greatly promote thermal dissipation, thereby increase the continuous wroking time for velashape body slimming machine
5.Adopt automatic filtering system, effectively advoide blocking causing by massage essential oil in tube.

4 in 1 vacuum rf velashape machine

velashape slimming

Technical Parameters

Display screen

8' ' TFT true-color touch screen

Infrared Spetrum


Machine Type

ODIVelashape body slimming machine 

Lipo Laser power(Big vacuum)


Lipo Laser power(small vacuum)


Vacuum power

<=100k Pa

Rotate speed




RF frequency


RF energy density



3 (Big Vacuum rf roller + Small Vacuum rf + 40KHz Ultrasound)

Effect area:

40*60mm, 15*25mm

Real Shots

velashape slimming

velashape slimming

Three probes in one machine

Two velashape probes + 40khz ultrasound probe
1.Big vacuum probe: Combine 4 technologies (RF + 650nm Lipo Laser + Vacuum Suction + Roller massage). Bringing the best body shaping result. 
2.Small vacuum probe: Combine 3 technologies (RF + 650nm Lipo Laser + Vacuum Suction). It is mainly used on small treatment area, such as limbs shaping. Achieve the whole body slimming.

3.40K Ultrasound probe: 40Khz ultrasound technology burst fat cells into liquid fatty acid, which is much easier to be absorbed and excreted by our body.

velashape slimming


Body Shape: Firming neck, limbs, abdomen and buttock. Reshape body after parturition or liposuction.

Body Slimming: Get rid of cellulite, reduce the obesity and improve the skin relaxation.

Skin Tightening: Increase the elasticity of the skin, reduce the orange peel and stretch marks.

Massage Relaxation: Promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, fatigue and pain, as well as relieve skin edema.

Improve detoxification: Improve lymphatic and blood circulation, detoxification of abdominal colonic and leg lymphatic.

velashape slimming

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