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spider vein removal machine
spider vein removal machine spider vein removal machine

Fast treatment result laser spider vein removal machine,spider veins removal machine supplier

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    1 year
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    Medical CE, ISO13485
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  • Laser Type:

    980nm Diode Laser
  • Function:

    spider vein removal
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laser spider vein removal machine

The 980nm laser pierces your skin and penetrates the superficial blood vessel. Heat produced by the laser coagulates the bloodstream within the vessel causing it to break down and seal. Within the next couple of days, the vessel will disappear reduced and all sorts of redness is going to be removed through the body's scavenging cells. The newer laser light treatments permit the delivery of the precise dosage of one's to every redness without injuring your regional structures.

Feature of portable spider vein removal machine
1.The advanced laser technology for red blood veins/vascular/spider veins removal in contrast with high frequency in the market.
2. 1-16W adjustable energy to satisfy different requirements.
3. Short time operation, no injury, no bleeding, no burning, redness or scar.
4. Professional designed treatment headpiece: energy is well focused onto 0.2-0.5mm spot.
5. Optimal User-interface: 7 inched Touched Screen

6. Immediate treatment result: Only one or two treatments are required

Working Parameters

Beam Transmission Biquartz optical fiber transmission
Wavelength 980nm
Output mode Pulse
Power 1 - 16w
Pilot Beam 2mw 650nm Diode Laser
Screen 7 inch Touched Screen
Frequency 0-5HZ
Cooling System
Stroing Air Cooling
Total Counts
20.000.000 shots
AC110V/220V, 50HZ/60HZ

Product Details Images

real shot in factory

real shot in factory



OEM machine in beauty expo

OEM machine in beauty expo

Treatment Before & After

laser spider vein removal machine treatment

spider veins removal machine supplier treatment

spider vein removal machine treatment

at home spider vein removal machine treatment

spider vein machine treatment

laser spider vein removal machine treatment

Safety attentions

1 .Never let the laser beam be directed to human eyes or healthy skin.

2 .To prevent human eyes or skin from being hurt by the reflected of laser light, never allow the laser beam, be directed to any smooth reflective surface, such as stainless steel device surface, mirror surface, etc.

3.If 75%, alcohol is used to clean or sterilize relevant part of the instrument, don’t use the instrument till the alcohol vaporizes. Never operate the instrument in the presence of flammable anesthetics.

4.In order to pervert the focus lens of the handpiece from being polluted and to keep a clear view of the surgical area, a smoke evacuator is recommended to the operator .The handpiece and focus lens must be cleaned every 3 months.

5.The laser beam generated by this instrument is hazardous to eyes in the area within 35cm from the instrument (when someone is staring directly at the laser) operators must use safety eyewears when operating.

6.This instrument generates high voltage inside; NO attempt should be made by NON-professional to open the cabinet of the instrument to avoid electric shock risk.

7 .If the instrument gives out abnormal smell or sound, stop operation at once. Cut off the power first before any inspection.

Notice: The laser tube is made of glass. Take care to the handle to avoid damage.

8. keep the instrument in an environment with the temperature between 1℃~5℃ and the relative humidity between 10%~80%.

9. Don’t leave around laser tube and the instrument recklessly when the instrument recklessly when their service lives end. Recycle according to the local environment protection regulations.

10.To avoid improper use of the instrument, remove the key from the key switch and keep it properly when the instrument is not in use .The instrument generates high voltages within the power supply and laser tube .Please refer to professional personnel for maintenance to avoid electric shock.

11.Operation room should be equipped with a dust or fume exhauster, because the dust arising during operations may be mixed with biological tissue particles.


The instrument generates high voltages within power supply and laser tube .Refer to professional personnel for maintenance to avoid electric shock.

Lens cleaning

The output power may drop slightly after the instrument has been put into use for half a year. This may be caused by the stained focus lens of the Handpiece .Wipe the lens gently with moistened cotton ball once or twice .Be sure not to damage the lens.

Cabinet cleaning

If there is dirt on the cabinet, wipe gently with moistened cotton cloth and some detergent or toothpaste .DO NOT use over-wet cloth in case the water leaks into the inner part of the instrument ,causing short circuit and damage

Notice: For each using, please clean and sterilize the Handpiece by 75% surgical alcohol. And the surgical alcohol must be volatilized before use.

Power calibration

The practical laser output power and the preset panel power must be calibrated each year with standard laser power meter within validity period by trained of professional personnel.

Fuse replacement

Open the fuse holder with a screwdriver and removal the original fuse .Before replacement ,check and ensure the new fuse is identical in type and specification to the original one (250v/3.1ZA) to avoid damage arising from unfit fuses.

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