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Apr 01, 2020

Based in Guangzhou, China, ODI Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of beauty machine which approved Medical CE and ISO13485 certificates. In Oct, 2017, we moved our factory to a new place which located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou city to expand the factory scale. For now, we have a 7 floors building as factory with more than 7000 square meters. Today, we will talk about the show room which is the 7th floor.

ODI Laser Factory

The show room consists of reception, show room areas, reception rooms, prayer room, bar counter and experience room. All of the rooms have the different use according to the customers’ requirements.

The reception is responsible to monitor the 7th floor and receive the people which is going to visit our factory. A good reception can improve our company image.

2.Show Room Areas
There are many hot sale and new arrival beauty machines placed at the show room areas, such as 808nm diode laser hair removal machine, IPL SHR hair removal machine, q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal machine, fractional co2 laser machine, picosecond laser machine, vaginal tightening machine, anti aging face lift machine, body slimming machine and more. Our customers are able to view and test the machine directly at these areas.

3.Reception Room
There are 4 sets of reception rooms here, 2 western style rooms and 2 Chinese style ones. As it mentioned that they are for receiving the customers for foreigners and Chinese. There are different facilities for different kinds of reception rooms to meet the different social customs and habits of the customers.

4.Prayer Room
We have some customers and agents who need to prayer, so we set up a prayer room which is for praying.

5.Bar Counter
The bar counter is an open style area for receiving customers, the drink, water and dessert are for FREE! You can view almost the whole show room here and you will fall in love with our show room.

6.Experience Room
We offer the free experience service for our potential customers. Some of the customers will visit our factory and experience the machines they needed in the experience room. They can have the treatments like laser hair removal treatment, laser tattoo removal treatment, weight loss treatment, face lifting treatment etc and more. Most of our customers have good reviews on our machines after they experienced and placed the order at once.

If you are interested in running a beauty salon or already in the business of beauty, welcome to visit us and we will be your honest supplier.

ODI Reception

ODI Laser Experience Room

ODI Laser Team

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