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Hair Removal Treatment

Hair Removal Treatment

A survey says up to 85% of woman have a hairy body problem, 92% of man don't like hairy women. Smooth and delicate skin is the goal of all women to pursue, excessive growth of the lips, armpit hair, chest hair, limbs hair become the trouble of most of women.

ODI's SHR Hair Removal & Laser Hair Removal methods are supplied for the safe, fast solution for painless and permanent hair removal.

SHR works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that changes the hair follicles effectively to get permanent hair removal, while avoiding damage to surrounding tissue. The sweeping In Motion technique to ensure full coverage in the treatment area, while ICETM technology cools the skin surface to prevent superficial burns and allow for nearly pain-free, but highly effective hair removal.

Diode Laser hair removal machines' unique Soprano Ice and selective dynamic technology safely treat most hair colors of all skin tones, which is also an ideal treatment for achieving painless and long-lasting hair reduction.

Professional 808nm diode laser hair reamovla machine Notes

Safety Notes :

1.Check if the 808nm diode laser hair removal machine handle looks good, meanwhile check the protective cased pipe to confirm that if it is pressed or sharply curved. As if the pipe is pressed heavily, the cooling system can't work well, causing breakdown.

2. To check whether the circuit is connected correctly before use

3. The handle should be put on the hanger when not in use. Be careful when using the handle, avoiding to drop and break.

4. After the 808 diode laser hair removal machine is turned on, waiting for the system to circulate for one minute then start the operation, so that the system can be completely circulated.

5. Ensure the machine is grounded well when used

6. It is strictly forbidden to shine the eyes by laser light from diode laser handle

7. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the machine without manufacturer's consent

8. The cooling gel must be applied on treatment area before operation. And during operation, the handpiece must be touched on the skin lightly all the time, avoid burning skin.

Precautions after laser hair removal (Only for reference)

1. Do not use scrubs, alcohol, or antiperspirants after hair removal treatment. Using warm water to when bathing and the hair removal area can't not be scrubbed heavily or washed with hot water.

2. Sauna and swimming in the pool or beach are forbidden within a week after hair removal treatment.

3. Do not use cosmetics and skin care products containing AHA and AHA after hair removal.

4. Hair removal with laser machine Hair removal area may arise slight redness, skin irritation and heat or itchiness. If feeling pain, using ice to reduce pain.

5. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible and apply the sunscreen when you go out

6. Pay attention to the hair removal area clean and dry. Do not wear dirty or overly tight clothes to ensure dry and breathable.

7. Pay attention to diet. Smoking, ban alcohol and spicy food are forbidden. Eat more vitamin C.

FAQ of 808nm diode laser hair removal machine

Can i have all my hair removed for one time ?
Laser hair removal will normally take 3-6 times until to get all the hair removed
There are mainly two reasons:
One :There are three hair follicles grow together in one pore and the hair we see is the one that grow out from one hair follicle so for a single treatment only one hair follicle can be damaged.
Two:There are three periods hair will go through and one is growing period ,two catagen three telogen,and the laser will have 75% effectiveness for the hair in growing period and 25% for catagen and nearly 0% for telogen

After the hair is removed and will it affect the perspiration system?
It is the sweat gland that helps us to give out the sweat while the sweat gland is not in the hair follicle so is to say that when the laser will only damage the hair follicle and will not damage the sweat gland and no influence will be caused to the metabolism and perspiration system

Will the result last permanently?
Now laser or IPL hair removal can have the hair removed permanently so lots of people think that they will not grow unwanted hair once received a course of treatment however permanent used in here does not really apply one will not grow hair permanently.
US Food and Drug Administration thinks permanent hair removal means that after a course of treatment of laser or IPL the hair will not grow during its growing circle .In general after multiple laser or IPL treatments and 90% of the hair will be permanently removed but we cannot deny that there are other factors affect the result.

Is it harmful to the skin?
Human skin is a structure that can have light get through and the beauty experts found that after many clinical experiences :in the face of laser, human skin is like a glass so the laser can penetrate the skin deep down to the hair follicles and there are lots of melanin in the hair follicles so it can absorb the laser and transform it from laser to heat when the hair follicle is heated up and hair follicles will be damaged.
During the treatment normal skin tissue will not absorb laser or absorb few laser so that it meas the skin will not be hurt at all.

Will hair gets darker after treatment?
With course of treatment of laser or IPL and the hair will be removed and the hair left will be finer with lighter color however the traditional ways like shaving hair ,pulling hair ,using hair removal paste ,wax and wax paper will only make the hair harder and darker.

Will result be the same to anyone and any body part ?
The course of treatment should be determined by the body parts,hair color and the thickness of the hair as well as the skin color.Normally the whiter the skin is ,the darker and thicker the hair is and the better the result.

Can i go to sunbath right after the treatment ?
After the treatment and the protective mechanism of your skin will be decreasing and that is to say that your skin will be allergic so as to avoid irritating your skin and one should not take the sunbath and avoid direct sun exposure.

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