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EO Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Machine
EO Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Machine EO Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Machine EO Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Machine

High Power EO Q Switch Nd Yag Laser for Pigmentation Tattoo Removal

  • item no.:

  • Warranty:

    1 year
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Pulse Width:

  • Spots Diameter:

  • Frequency:

  • Wavelength:

  • Laser Type:

    Q Switch
  • Function:

    Tattoo Removal, Pigment removal
  • Energy:

    1064nm: 600mJ; 532nm: 300mJ (Single Pulse)
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The working principle of C10

EO Q Switch Laser is using the selective laser photothermolysis and electrooptical active Q switched laser blasting action principle, aim to a specific structure of color bases with precise dosage of energy which is with a specific wavelength in a very short time, such as ink pigment particle, carbon particles and other exogenous and endogenous pigment melanin cell disease in the dermis and epidermis. With the high peak power of laser and extremely narrow pulse width, the pigment is suddenly heated and blasted into very small particles, the crushed debris particles will be consumed by acrophages and excreted out of the body by metabolism.

lipo vacuum slimming machine laser & melanin

laser & melanin

vacuum roller cellulite machine melanin absorb laser light selectively

melanin absorb laser light selectively

lipo slimming machine elective photothermolysis

elective photothermolysis

lipo light machine macrophage phagocytosis

macrophage phagocytosis

lipo slim machine Q Switched Laser

Say goodbye to pigment and unwanted tattoo!

7 articular-arm

EO active Q switched

1OHZ Fast Shooting

Technical Parameters of active eo q-switched nd yag laser

Laser type
EO Active Q-switch ND YAG laser C10
double wavelength 1064nm/532nm
Screen Touched display
Single-pulse Energy 600mJ (1064nm); 300mJ (532nm)
Power 2000W
Width of pulses 6-8ns
Frequency 1-10HZ
Diameter of spot 1-8mm adjustable
Beam of light transmission 7 articular-arm of light guide transmitting
Indicator of aiming light red semiconductor aiming light, wavelength 650-670nm
Cooling manner Closed-off water circulation + air
Program language
Dimension of package 43*88*110(cm)
G.W. 70kg

220V / 110V

lipo laser slimming machine manufacturers EO Active Q Switch Laser Advantages

①Excellent 7 articular-arm. to ensure the accuracy of long treatment and easy operation.

②Efficiency: suitable to all types color Of tattoo, high efficient treatment results.

③Special designed laser head passed mechanical deformation test, sealed cover is dust proof and anti vibration, ensures long term stable working.

④1OHz high repetition rate with 1-8mm adjustable spot size, flexible adjustment for different application and fast treatment.

⑤EO active Q switched tech-nology produced better beam quality with high peak power,enhance treatment result.

Interface introduction
lipo laser slimming machine factory Interface introduction

① Turning on the repeat adjustment energy to 0.1-3J/cm² in standby mode;

② Current Points;

③ Lights brightness;

④ Standby/ Ready button;

⑤ Energy;

⑥ Wavelength, 1064nm & 755nm & 532nm optional;

⑦ Frequency;

⑧ Spot size:1-10;

Application of active eo q-switched nd yag laser

Pigment deposit dispelling

Skin rejuvenation

Tattoo removal for all kinds of color tattoo removal

Eliminates the age pigment, spot, birthmark and pigment changes

laser slimming machine Seven joint- arm

Seven joint- arm

laser lipo home machine Treatment handle

Treatment handle

lipo vacuum slimming machine Screw


vacuum roller cellulite machine Funnel


lipo slimming machine Handle hanger

Handle hanger

lipo light machine Seven joint- arm hanger

Seven joint- arm hanger

lipo slim machine Foot control

Foot control

lipo laser slimming machine manufacturers Blinder & glasses

Blinder & glasses

lipo laser slimming machine factory Spillway hole bibcock

Spillway hole bibcock

C10 Treatment Before and After
laser slimming machine nevus of Ota

nevus of Ota

laser lipo home machine blue nevus

blue nevus

lipo vacuum slimming machine tattoo


vacuum roller cellulite machine eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo

lipo slimming machine freckle


lipo light machine skin beautifying

skin beautifying

Advantages of our Q switched machine

1.Imported 7 articular-arm to ensure accurate long-time treatment and easy operation

2. High energy of single pulse 450mJ

3.High efficient treatment results for all types color of tattoo

4.Treatment is more comfortable and less traumatic with extremely narrow pulse width

5.Flexible adjustment for different application with 1-8mm adjustable spot size

6.CE Certificate approved

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