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water jet cleaning machine
water jet cleaning machine

Hydro dermabrasion spray water jet peel oxygen machine for skin care

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4 in 1 Multifunctional Beauty Machine

Oxygen Jet Peel 

Oxygen Jet Peel machine makes use of pure oxygen and germfree liquid to formate round 50 to 80 micron particle offer very moderate and accurate treatment for a vast rage of cosmetic goals. High velocity microdroplets of saline solution that have been accelerated and become saturated by the surrounding raised pressure of the supersonic flow of oxygen, infiltrate to deep skin and reach dermis, delivering oxygen, water and nutrishment that required by skin metabolism. At the same time, remove superficial pathology and affect collagen remodeling.

Dermabrasion Probe

It sprays the solution in a spiral motion mode, and the eddy penetrates deep into the skin from center to exterior, dissolving sebum, dead skin, blackheads. Finally, microbes and other skin dirt would be absorbed and discharged through two negative pressure channels.

Bio-photon electricity

Micro current creates temporary micropores on the skin surface and introduces the nutrient solution deep into the skin without damaging the skin cell structure. 

Diamond PhotoAbrasion

Three types of diamond dermabrasion probes peel dead skin and horny in 360 degrees, making the skin more smooth.


1.Acne Treatment: Pustule, knot boils, allergy, pimples, acne, improve oily skin, fine acne scar;
2.Skin Care: Skin Rejuvenation, face lifting, improve skin fatigue, dumb yellow, dark, thoroughly remove the skin garbage, skin oxygen supplement, add nutrition, improve wrinkles, improve bags under the eyes, dark circles, eye fine wrinkles;
3.Improve seborrheic alopecia effectively, combined drug to treatment alopecia areata, neurological hair loss, hair care;
4.Improve the skin allergy state, remove the skin allergies;
5.Clear mites;
6.Deep cleaning pores, regular the balance of skin water and oil
7.For pidermal cooling after exfoliation and non-stripping treatment

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Subject : Hydro dermabrasion spray water jet peel oxygen machine for skin care

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