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advanced laser eyebrow tattoo removal  equipment
advanced laser eyebrow tattoo removal  equipment advanced laser eyebrow tattoo removal  equipment

ISO9001 approved portable lite pico laser tattoo removal equipment

  • Item NO.:

  • Warranty:

    One year
  • Certificate:

    ISO9001&Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Weight:

  • Dimension:

    54*58*41 cm
  • Pulse Width:

  • Treatment Tips:

    Pico Honeycomb Tip, 1064nm tip, 532nm tip(optional)
  • Cooling System:

    Wind + Water
  • Screen:

    Touched Screen
  • Voltage:

    220V/5A or 110V/10A
  • Frequency:

  • Wavelength:

  • Laser Type:

    Q switched nd yag laser
  • Function:

    Tattoo Removal, Skin Rejuvenatio, Pigment Removal etc
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ISO9001 approved portable lite pico laser tattoo removal equipment

Description of advanced laser eyebrow tattoo removal  equipment

According to the principle of selective photology, the new portable laser tattoo removal equipment can instantaneously increase energy in the traditional 20 times, speed up to 90 times in the traditional, and generate powerful shock waves under high speed and high energy. In the body, melanin has no time to make any response. At the time, it can be shattered into small particles. The smaller the pigment particles are, the easier it is to be metabolized by the body's mechanism. The whole process will not have any heat residue, and the safety will be higher and the effect will be more excellent.

Working Parameters

Machine type

Portable q switch pico laser tattoo removal machine

Laser wavelength

1064nm/picosecond laser tip(standard) 532nm(selective)

Laser Pulse energy                      


Laser Pulse width


Laser Power


Laser Recurrence rate


Aiming Light

Red infrared light

Laser Lamp life time

More than 1,500,000 shots


Touched Screen

Laser Cooling condition

Wind + water cooling

Laser Power source

220V/5A or 110V/10A



Net weight



1.The flat-top cap type output spot distributes more evenly;

2. The removal rate of pigment was higher:
Compared with the traditional Q-switched laser, the picosecond beehive instant lens lens (FOCUS) technique is 10 times higher than that of the traditional Q-switched laser. It can shatter the pigment into very small particles, facilitate the metabolism of pigment, and greatly improve the removal rate of chloasma.

3. Ultrashort pulse wide picosecond pigment removal speed is faster:
The treatment speed of the Nidus Vespae is 90 times higher than that of the traditional Q - switched laser , and the chloasma and other color spot particles are smashed , thereby greatly shortening the treatment time .

4. The risk of refusing to return to black:
Picosecond fast and powerful deterrent ability, skin heat damage rate significantly reduced, stimulating melanin re-active (black) risk is relatively reduced.

5. The repair mechanism was initiated at the same time:
Picosure skin clinic laser tattoo removal equipment adopts honeycomb transient lens (FOCUS) technology to shock the waves to the deep skin while frightening chloasma. It will initiate the repair mechanism, promote the regeneration and proliferation of collagen, and achieve the effect of whitening and skin rejuvenation, besides fine lines.

6. 1064nm wavelength did not injure normal tissue:
The peak absorption of melanin at picosecond 1064nm wavelength is much higher than that of conventional Q-switched laser, which means that the energy acting on the skin is lower, there is no groundbreaking wound and dermis heat injury after treatment, and the injury to the skin is greatly reduced.

Handpice and Treatment Tips

Therapeutic effect

1. Endogenous pigment : Ota naevus , Ovine nevi , Mongolian spot , zygomazygomaticus fusca mole , coffee spot , freckle , lipotropic keratopathy , spot mole , borderline mole , melanosis , inflammation , pigmentation , chloasma , etc .
2. Exogenous pigments: tattoo, eye brow,eyeliner, lip line and traumatic tattoo, etc.
3. With special treatment head easy to achieve skin, thin pores, desalination, whitening, blackhead and oil control effect (black face doll).
4. Black face Doll: carbon powder as an exogenous artificial color base; carbon powder has excellent absorption characteristics to 1064nm laser.
5. Latest portable laser tattoo removal equipment skin withening: by a specific wavelength of laser action on the epidermis and dermis deep melanin, "Black face Doll" skin surplus melanin directly blasting and let the skin deep melanin crushing,Finally phagocytic phagocytosis or direct excrete with sweat glands to achieve the purpose of skin whitening.
6.The principle of pore reduction: By coating nano-carbon powder on the face, allowing it to penetrate into the pores, and then blasting the powder particles with a laser, the dirt and keratin of the epidermis are shattered, and the resulting high heat energy is transmitted to the dermis.Fully stimulate the renewal and vitality of skin cells, stimulate the repair of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, utilize the natural repair function of the body, initiate the orderly deposition and arrangement of new collagen proteins, and thus achieve instant elimination of young lines and wrinkles,Shrink 

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Subject : ISO9001 approved portable lite pico laser tattoo removal equipment

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