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Laser carbon cream

Laser carbon cream

  • Weight:

    50 grams
  • Function:

    skin whitening, Skin Rejuvenation, Dark Circles
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Function of  laser carbon cream

1. Work in black doll(heiwawa) laser treatment for skin whitening

2. Deep clean skin care

ODI Laser Carbon Cream

1. Ingredients

Skin whitening laser carbon powder mineral mud of volcanic rock, propolis, gromwell xtract,pinecone extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera juices, levorotatory VC, hamamelis, papayas activin, etc.

2. Feature of  laser carbon cream

Laser carbon powder contains mineral mud of Volcanic rock and several natural vegetal extracts and herbs Extractions, applies the latest photosensitive technology, balances the all secretion of the skin, shrinks pores effectively, removes fine freckles, stimulates skin cells in depth, accelerates the blood circulation of skin, promotes metabolism of your skin, makes it easier to be permeated and absorbed.

3. Usage of  laser carbon cream

Apply some of our product on the target skin, use laser with C light-head to irradiate when the powder becomes dry. Use with other skin care products to achieve perfect result by skin whitening Laser Carbon Cream for Heiwawa.

Subject : Laser carbon cream

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