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rf ipl shr hair removal machine
rf ipl shr hair removal machine rf ipl shr hair removal machine rf ipl shr hair removal machine

Long life span 500.000 shots e light ipl shr hair removal machine

  • item no.:

  • Light Source Type:

    IPL (Intense Pulse Light)
  • Certificate:

    ISO9001&Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Spots Diameter:

  • Cooling System:

    Air+water cooling
  • Screen:

    8 inch touched screen
  • Frequency:

  • Wavelength:

  • Function:

    Permanent hair removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigment Removal etc
  • Energy:

    800w - 2000W
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Long life span 500.000 shots e light  ipl shr hair removal machine

SHR is a revolutionary technology for permanent hair removal which has a system of sweeping success. Its working principle is using gentle pulses of light momentarily to create heat on the dermis to warm it up to a target temperature gradually. At that target temperature, it disables the hair follicles and prevents future growth effectively, while without injury to the surrounding normal tissue. What's more, SHR is able to output 10 shots at 1 second and make treatment movable. Compare with other slightly dated laser and IPL methods, ipl rf shr hair removal machine provides faster, safer and pain free hair removal treatments for patients.

shr ipl treatment machine

Working parameters

Wave Length

530-1200nm,640-1200nm  ipl shr hair removal and skin rejuvenation machine


One handle with two filters

Cooling system

semiconductor+air+water+cooling gel

IPL light energy


Lamp Type

UK-imported xenon lamp

Span Time of lamp

80.000 shots

Pulse Duration


Pulse NO.


Skin cooling



8"color touch screen

Output power

800w - 2000W


110V,60HZ or 220V,50HZ



SHR Width

1- 10ms

SHR Frequency

1 - 10Hz

Package size

109*49*60 cm 



Machine Details of pigment removal shr hair removal machine

shr ipl treatment machine

shr ipl treatment machine

Applications of opt ipl shr hair removal machine

1) Freckle: Remove or reduce all kinds of stains on the face, such as freckles, sunburn, age spots, coffee spots, acne scar and other kinds of pigmentation
2) Rejuvenation: skin whitening, pores shriking,skin roughness improvement, skin elasticity increasing, fine lines smoothing and acne scars elimination
3) Red blood: Improve facial redness, redness, rosacea
4) Hair Removal: Effectively remove unwanted hair in different parts of the body, such as armpit hair, beard, lips, hair, bikini lines and back etc
5) Acne: Acne treatment

shr ipl treatment machine


1. Full Bridge power supply
Ipl e light shr hair removal machine power supply provides fast charging with high efficiency, double speed of half bridge power supply.
This ensure xenon lamp has sufficient and stable energy to achieve better therapy, and can support 10HZ frequency painless sliding mode.

2. With high quality handle
. Adopt UK imported Xenon lamp to output high energy for better result
. Imported sapphire, three modes refrigeration available -5-0°C
. 500,000 times Xenon light flash with high efficiency photoelectric conversion

3.High speed water pump 
Self suction high pressure high speed water pump
Lift 60 meters, pressure 4MPa
With a big pressure water pump, the water circulation is faster
The heat can be taken away by the faster water circulation efficiently
In this way, it ensures the Xenon lamp energy for treatment, and also save the life time of Xenon lamp

4.Unique Heat Dissipation
Assure the heat dissipation of the whole machine
It guarantees the water circulation system dissipate heat completely. Extending the service life of the xenon lamp.
Keep running for 24 hours without rest. Constantly creating value.

5.External water tank 
No need any funnel
More easy and convenient for water changing

6.Operation System 
User friendly software means that operator error is completely reduced
Easy for understanding and operation

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