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PicoSecond Laser Machine
PicoSecond Laser Machine

New technology picosecond laser tattoo removal and pigmentation removal machine

  • item no.:

  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Weight:

  • Pulse Width:

  • Screen:

    LCD touched screen
  • Frequency:

  • Power:

    2000w / 3000w
  • Wavelength:

    532nm, 1064nm (755nm optional)
  • Laser Type:

    Picosecond Laser
  • Function:

    tattoo removal, pigment removal and skin rejuvenation etc
  • Energy:

    3000mj / 6000mj
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The PicoSecond Laser uses ultra-short pulses (one trillionth of the second long) hitting the melanin having a great pressure, the melanin shatters into small dust-like particles. Since the particles are extremely small, they're more readily absorbed and eliminated through the body. It is better clearance from the melanin and fewer treatments overall. PicoSecond Laser is an easy and quick non-surgical, non-invasive laser treatments for your body system to remove tattoo and pigments.

Picosecond laser is a fast and comfortable non-surgical, non-invasive laser skin treatment for those seeking a more youthful appearance. Picosecond laser is able to treat most areas of whole body including chest, face, hands, legs and so on. Patients have also experienced great results for the treatment of acne scars, pigmented lesions and wrinkles. 

Picosecond laser focuses on your problem areas whether it’s brown spots, sun damage, freckles, pigmented lesions or acne scars. Picosecond offers a comfortable treatment. In the past, lasers have relied on intense heat energy to remove pigment from the skin, which may be painful and lead to significant skin redness and downtime.

picosecond laser machine video
picosecond laser device High-Tech

Picosecond laser High-Tech

Picosecond laser machine used unique Honeycomb Foused technology to form a skin effect vacuolization,which can protect skin from damage during treatment.

picosecond laser machining Fast Effective

Picosecond laser Fast Effective

Picosecond laser make make tattoo & pigment removal Teatment process from 5 to 10 times reduced to 2-4 times, greatly reduce tretment and recovey time , with fast and obvious effective.

pigmentation removal machine Confortable & Safe

Picosecond laser Confortable & Safe

It can remcwe all kinds of pigment and tattoo effectively and safely', because picosecond laser use precise positioning of the target tissue theerapy to reduce damage to the skin to achieve the freckle effect.

picosecond laser tattoo removal machine No melanin precipitate

Picosecond laser No melanin precipitate

The Picosecond Iser uses ultra-short pulses (one trillionth of a second in length)to hit the melanin with a great pressure,the meanin shatters into tiny dust-likeparticles,Because the particles are so small,they are more readily absorbed andeliminated by the body.It will signiflcantly reduce postoperativeswelling,melarninprecipitate phenomenon.

Treatment Area of Picosecond Laser Machine

All colors of tattoo removal

Epidermis and dermis pigment

Eyeline and lipline removal

Senile plaques, freckle, sunburn spot and chloasma

Nevus of Ota, blue naevus, black nevus, coffee spot

Technical Parameters of our Picosecond laser machine

Laser Type Pico second laser
Laser Wavelength 532nm/1064nm(755nm Selective)
Laser output 1000w / 2000w
Power 2000w / 3000w
Input Voltage 220V/5A or 110V/10A
Maximum Energy 3000mJ / 6000mJ
Spot diameter 2 -10mm
Working Frequency 1 - 10HZ
Pulse width 2000ps
Cooling system Water cooling  + Wind cooling
Net weight 140kg
Packing Size


effect comparison
picosecond laser q switch laser
action principle picosesecond pulse with is short(1ps = one trillionth of a secone) q switch pluse width is long up to 8ns(1 ns = one millionth of second)
indlcations obstinate dissoloration blain to imprint blain scar dot lines body wrinkles monitor tattoo pigment
recovery recovery time is short,3-5 hours 2-3 days there will be a little red
reaction after operation there is almost not common to reddish black color
operation time 10-20 minutes about 30 minutes
effect generally two to four times take five to ten times or so

Picosecond Laser Treatment Before and After

nevus of Ota

nevus of Ota

blue nevus

blue nevus



eyebrow tattoo

eyebrow tattoo



skin beautifying

skin beautifying

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