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ipl machines for salons
ipl machines for salons

Newest ipl shr hair removal machine with double big size handles

  • item no.:

  • Warranty:

    1 year
  • Light Source Type:

    Intense Pulse Light
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Pulse Width:

  • Spots Diameter:

  • Cooling System:

  • Screen:

    8 inch touched screen
  • Voltage:

    110V,60HZ or 220V,50HZ
  • Frequency:

  • Power:

  • Wavelength:

  • Function:

    Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigment Removal, fine wrinkle etc
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Remove Hair in 10 minutes

Adopt Square Motion technology, handle can be moved on targeted tissue, meanwhile the spot size of handle is as big as 10*50mm, greatly shorten the treatment time, fast remove hair in 10 minutes.


1. Pigment and Freckle Removal
2. Remove deep spots, epidermis spots, dermal spots and age spots.
3. Skin Whitening and Skin Rejuvenation
4. Permanent and Painless Hair Removal, Remove unwanted hair
5. Acne treatment, remove red blood

ipl shr hair removal machine

Working Parameters


OD-E10  opt e light machine



Spot size



One handle / Two Hanldes (Optional)

Cooling system


IPL light energy


Ipl Lamp

UK-imported IPL Lamp

Span Time of lamp

80.000 shots

Pulse Duration


Pulse NO.


Skin cooling



8"color touch screen

Output power


SHR width


SHR frequency



110V,60HZ or 220V,50HZ


1. Strong filtration system and automatic temperature control function ensures the safe, efficient and fast treatment.
2. External water tank design, better heat dissipation, longer continuous working time
3. Equipped with a water temperature detection system, it will automatically issue a warning when the temperature is more than the critical point.
4. Imported sapphire crystal light guiding system and semiconductor cooling system, with better cooling performance, make the treatment more comfortable, protect the skin well
5. Mutifunctional SHR IPL machine: Giving solutions to many skin problems - hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigment removal, fine wrinkle, acne treatment, freckle removal etc.
6. The Treatment handle is designed according to human engineering, compact and convenient to operate, reduce operator’s fatigue
7. Adopting Japan imported capacitance, stronger power supply
8. Three big cooling system: Germany tech refrigeration+Japan imported fan+Taiwan imported Water pum

High quality Treatment Handles

ipl shr hair removal machine

Working Principle

IPL SHR machine’s working principle is based on theory of light biostimulation and selective photothermolysis. When the light acted on skin directly, on the one hand, it would penetrate the cutis directly then absorbed by pigment group in tissue and hair follicle, make the pigment group thermal decomposition and change the structure of hair follicle, while without damage to normal tissue, therefore IPL SHR machine can remove pigment, spot and unwanted hair etc. On the other hand, the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin can be regenerated and rearranged, thus restoring the elasticity of the skin and improving the facial microcirculation, treating acne, eliminating or reducing wrinkles, whitening and rejuvenating skin.

ipl shr hair removal machine

Cautions (Safe Operation)

1.The water tank should be filled full water before open the machine, otherwise the handle would be burning. And the water must be pure water or distilled water.
2.Never look at the light shooting from handle directly
3.Check the circuit and waterway of the instrument immediately after power on, and observe the safety of the circuit and waterway during the operation.
4.Keep the light guide system clean at all times and ensure that the condensate does not pollute the light guide system.

Real Shots of shr ipl hair removal machine

ipl shr hair removal machine

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