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Newest portable rf vacuum body slimming machine suppliers

Newest portable rf vacuum body slimming machine suppliers

  • Item NO.:

  • Certificate:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Dimension:

  • Treatment Tips:

    Three types of probe
  • Screen:

    3.12 inch OLED Screen
  • Frequency:

    800K Hz (RF)
  • Power:

  • Working Mode:

    5 modes (Vacuum)
  • Function:

    Body slimming and shaping, Skin tightening
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Working Principle of ODI Portable RF Vacuum Body Slimming Machine

For body and face slimming. Weight loss Vaccum+RF fat-reduce machine can stimulate tissue metabolism,dissolve the cellulite, which make fat cell in different depths and shocking make blend energy, and the deepest receptor can get granule in 3CM thick of skin, and quick swell and the quick heating of the cell wall that surpass the flexible limits and occurs cells shattered, so that the combustion of fatty acids  broken out of a pot at the same time, not only the burning consumption of fatty acids but also more directly emptying so rapidly reduce the size of granule.

Newest portable rf vacuum body slimming machine suppliers

Parameters of portable vacuum body slimming machine


3.12 inch OLED Screen                               

Maximal Power


RF Power


RF Frequency

800K Hz

Negative Pressure ( Absolute value)


Vacuum working mode

5 modes

Cable length





AC 220v 50/60Hz


1. Multi-Polar RF with Suction and LED
With advanced Bipolar RF system with vacuum suction and LED,
thermal energy is effectively delivered to dermal and subcutaneous fat layer.

2. Suction technology
- Strong Suction Performance
- Available to Control Suction power : Level 1-5

3. Suitable Time Control
   The needed treatment time could be setting in controled system.

4. Multi-Type Hand Piece
There are three types of hand pieces. Please use the Body type, Arms & Legs type, Face Type
probe on purpose.

Newest portable rf vacuum body slimming machine suppliers


1. Fat reduction and Body slimming 
2. Hip lifting and beer belly removal 
3. Face lifting and Skin tightening 
4. Reshape & Contour body

Before & After (Good Result)

Newest portable rf vacuum body slimming machine suppliers

Treatment Advantages

1. Safety: The entire process is completed without the need of surgery and anesthesia.

2. Painless operation: with special operating handles, comfortable treatment 
3. Fast recovery: No trace, no scar after treatment and stimulating the skin for self-healing
4. Simple operation: Easy to operate, no side effects, but significant effect 
5. Non-invasive: Treatment does not affect the normal work and life.
6. Effective: Without side effects and the risk of gaining the weight back, the results are rather obvious.

7. Wide-range treatment: The treatment is suitable for all skin types and whole body part including belly, thigh, arm and face etc

Machine Display

Newest portable rf vacuum body slimming machine suppliers

Production Process

  • ODI Laser have a group of skilled engineers, technicans and production of high quality staff and a sound and stringent production line, which always offer the newest and high quality machines for you.
  • ODI promise that all of beauty machines must be tested well before sending out.

Newest portable rf vacuum body slimming machine suppliers

ODI Offer Considerate Service


ODI offer 1 year free warranty, lifetime maintan, 24 hours on-line service. 

We have Specific aftersale service Regulations which would be wirtten on the last page

of our machine’s user manual. And we will offer the service to you according to the 

regulation strictly.

OEM/ODM Service

1. Software adjustment (logo &menu design, different languages)
2. Unique machine shape design
3. Treatment handle, filters design.
4. Package (style, material, label design)
5. According to the budget, machine weight, size, provides reasonable projects.



Once you buy machines from us,we supply professional training for you. Detailed user 

manual, Video, online service are the basis training. Moreover, we teach how to use 

the machine and how to do the treatments step by step. 



Subject : Newest portable rf vacuum body slimming machine suppliers

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