ODI 100.000 Grade Dust-free Room producing high quality handles

Apr 01, 2020

ODI Laser Dust-free room

Most of our precise handles are made in the dust-free room that ensure its high quality, low failure rate and long life span. Next, I want to introduce ODI dust-free room to you.

What’s dust-free workshop?
Dust-free workshop is also called clean room or dust-free room. We are used to call it dust-free room. It is a special designed room that particles in the air, bacteria, harmful air and other pollutants in this room are cleaned. Besides, its indoor temperature, cleaning degree, indoor pressure, airflow velocity and airflow distribution, noise vibration and lighting, as well as static electricity are controlled within a certain demand.
Main Cleaning Equipment
1.Pass Box
The pass box is mainly used to the transfer of small goods between clean and non clean areas, or between clean rooms and clean rooms, which can effectively reduce the opening times of clean rooms and minimize the pollution of clean areas. According to the using requirements, pass box can be sprayed, and its inner tank can be made of stainless steel, with beautiful appearance. The two doors of the pass box is controlled by electric chain or mechanical interlocking device, which can effectively prevent the dust in the low cleanliness grade area from being brought into the high clean area.
2.Air Shower

Air shower is one of the necessary equipment for dust-free room. It can remove the dust on human and objects. Meanwhile it gives buffer and isolation on clean and unclean areas on its both sides.

What do you need to do before you come into the clean area of dust-free room?
Firstly, you need to put on the clean clothes, shoes, and hat. If you come with objects, the objects need to be left on the pass box for a while, waiting for the dust on the objects to fall on the ground. Secondly, you need to walk into the air shower. Strong wind will be formed to blow on your body, removing the dust effectively. Then you can come into the clean area which has clean bench for handle production.
The cleaning grade of our dust-free room is up to 100.000, which is the highest grade in equipment industry. Comparing with normal workshop, the handles which made in dust-free room have higher quality and longer lifetime.

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