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smooth fine lines eye  lift machine
smooth fine lines eye  lift machine smooth fine lines eye  lift machine

ODI Kisseyes portable eye bag and fine line improvement rf eye lift machine Suppliers

  • item no.:

  • Warranty:

    12 months (lifelong technology support)
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Dimension:

    21*23*22cm, 1.6KG
  • Voltage:

    220V/110V, 6A/10A
  • Frequency:

    1.000.000 Hz
  • Power:

    Lower than 30w(input), Lower than 25w(output)
  • Function:

    eyes lifting, smooth fine lines, improve eye bags, lighten dark circle etc
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Portable Eye Bag and Fine Line Improvement RF Eye Lift Machine

ODI Kisseyes rf eye lift machine uses radio frequency technology to heat the deep collagen-rich skin layer around eyes, causing the construction and regeneration of collagen. This helps to smooth fine line, improve eyes bag and lighten dark circle etc.

KISSEYES- A radio frequency machine focus on treating eyes aging

1. Smooth fine line  2.Improve eyes bag  3.Lighten dark circle  4.Eye relaxation

Rf Eye Lifting Machine Working Technologies

Product name


 Ultrasonic vibration massage

20,000 times/s

Rf type

Suitable RF best for eyes beauty

Working mode

RF/Vibration massage/Essence import

RF frequency

2.000.000 Hz

Treatment areas

Focused on eyes

Input power

Lower than 30w

Output power

Lower than 25w

Power supply

220V/50 or 110V/10A

How long have you not taken care of your eyes?

Do you find that the skin problems on eyes zone come one after another to you?

Do you know that the skin around eyes ages 3.5 times faster than the skin on face?

rf eye wrinkle removal machine

ODI Kisseyes rf eye lift device, combine 3 technologies into 1 machine

. Advanced 2.000.000 Hz radio freuqency technology perfect for eyes lifting, eye bags improvement and dark circle lightening etc.

. Ultrasonic vibration massage(20,000 times per second) helps to relax your eyes, relieve the tiredness and dryness

. Special Roll ball design combining with rf heating, deeply import essence into eyes skin,  

so that the nutrition is fully absorbed by skin

RF technology delivery heat into deep skin layer causing shrinkage and regeneration of collagen, help to smooth fine line, improve eyes bag and lighten dark circle etc

Using high frequency vibration to massage the skin around eyes, effectively give relaxation to eyes.

ODI Kisseyes is specially designed for eyes treatment. 

One machine gives perfect solution to 6 big skin problems around eyes

Functions of Kisseyes radio frequency eye lift machine:

 Improve fine lines, smooth eye bags, lift droopy eyelids, eyes lifting, eyes relaxation and dark circle lightening etc

Operational attention and taboos for rf eye lift device

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