ODI Laser factory workshop

Jun 24, 2020

Here I want to introduce ODI assembled workshop to you, it is on the forth floor of our factory building which has seven floors in all. I mean the whole of forth floor is assembled workshop. There is no doubt that, assembly of mainframe really plays an very important part in beauty machine production process. Professional and technical assembly skill ensures the machine to have high quality, stable structure and long life span. Smooth assembly line can shorten production time and improve production capacity.

ODI laser beauty equipment factory has been focused on production and r&d of laser beauty equipment, shr ipl hair removal machine, body slimming machine and anti-aging facial machine etc since 2006. As a professional beauty equipment manufacturer with about 14 years production experience, ODI have established a set of scientific and smooth production process. We have 8 production lines, which mainly are arranged by different machine type(vertical type and portable type).

Our main products are laser beauty machines and ipl machines, such as 808nm diode laser hair removal machine, picosecond laser machine, yag laser tattoo removal machine, co2 laser skin resurfacing machine, shr ipl machine and ipl rf machine etc. As we all know that all those machines need to be equipped with closed-cycle cooling water system to protect themselves. Therefore one production line is arranged specially for assembling closed-cycle cooling water system to enhance productivity. What’s more, most of our laser beauty machines and ipl machines has water flow self-testings system. It can protect the handle from burning, reducing failure rate effectively, by prevent users from turning on the machine if they forget to add water. There are five assembly lines arranged to produce vertical beauty machines. As they are our main and hot-selling products with big competitiveness in the market. The rest of two lines belongs to portable beauty machines.

With the development of our company, more and more production lines will be increased. Moreover our production will be more mechanized and standardized. So the customers can get our high quality machines in shorter time.

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