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Apr 01, 2020

Guangzhou ODI Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading beauty machine company in Guangzhou, China since 2006, and we have our owned brand ODI Laser since a few years ago. After as long as more than 10 years developing, now we have a mature and stable company framework as below.

There are two parts of our company, office and factory. There are administration, sales, training, marketing and design departments in office and finance, R&D, production, QC, storehouse, purchase, driver, after-sales departments in the factory. The jobs what they do are listed as below.

The administration staffs are responsible for recruitment for the company and factory, meanwhile, they also support the logistics services in the office like buying pens, reception etc.

The sales department is one of the most important department in the office, the salesman will sell our machines and promote ODI brand to all over the world on internet, shop and the beauty fairs.
provide our professional advice and skills to help our customers to expand their local markets.

After our salesman sold the machines to our customers, they may not know how to operate the machine. In this case our beauticians would provide our professional advice and skills to help our customers operate and maintain the machine online to expand their local markets. Meanwhile they will be on-site training if necessary according to our customers requirements.

The marketing staffs will promote our OID brand online like on alibaba, google and some other kinds of well-know platforms. The marketing staffs can lead our customers to know ODI laser company beginning online.

All of the beautiful machine display pattern, exhibition posters, name cards, catalogs, oem/odm logos etc are designed by our owned designer.

The finance department is to make sure there is stable and timely cash flow on each departments.

2.R & D
The R&D department is the technical core of our company. The internal circuit of the machines are researched and designed by our R&D department but not purchasing from other suppliers, which can make sure the machines have the most stable states all the time.

The production department is response for manufacturing all kinds of beauty machines for our salesman. With large numbers of rich-experience workers in this DEPT., we can always deliver the machines on time.

All the machines and purchasing material will be checked by our QC department staffs, so as to ensure to deliver the good machines and material parts.

The purchasing material and parts are placed in the storehouse to provide the parts and material fast once manufacturing.

The purchasing department purchases the material and parts according to the monthly production plan on schedule.

The after sales service is one of our important service for our customers including training and machine issues solved. In this case, our customers trust us to order machine from ODI Laser company.

The drivers usually ship the machines in the same city and pick up our customers in Guangzhou airport.

The video below for overview of our company. Welcome to visit us!

online service


online service