ODI Technology has officially resumed work!

Mar 19, 2020

For the Chinese people, The 2020 Chinese New Year holiday is the hardest, most memorable and longest one ever. The Corona virus is menacing and sudden outbreak which disrupts everyone's plans. The custom of visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival holiday has become a day trip to the house. Staying at home has also become a measure to contribute to the country. Of course, these measures reflect the determination of the Chinese people to jointly face difficulties and overcome the epidemic. Affected by the epidemic, it has become very difficult for companies to start on work. We ODI Tech the start time was also postponed from February 4th to February 10th, and the final resumption date was adjusted to February 20th. The holiday was extended from the previously planned 17 days to 34 days. Anyway, we are finally back to work.

Does resumption of work mean the epidemic is over?

Of course not! Although the epidemic is under control, prevention and control is still ongoing. Because we have strict detection measures and systematic scientific management measures, I believe that the country's control over the epidemic will become stronger and stronger!

At the same time, resumed companies need to submit resumed applications to government departments, for example, is the company's protective substances in place? Registration of health status of company employees, and so on. The purpose is to determine whether the company has all the conditions to return to work, and take strict protective measures to avoid the spread of epidemic.

How does our ODI company do it?

1. Before entering the company's office area, take a temperature test and personal disinfection. All personnel must wear a mask.

2. The production office area is disinfected 4 times a day.

3. At least 2 temperature tests of all office staff.

4. Daily statistics of the physical condition of office staff.

Effective prevention and control greatly increased the confidence of all employees. Everyone worked together, and basically every staff member was present. All departments work in an orderly manner.

Some customers become very worried because of the impact of the epidemic, and receive emails from customers: Can our order be delivered on time? Can you deliver regular products normally?

The answer is Yes. As our ODI company employees, we understand your concerns very well, but please rest assured that our regular goods are shipped normally, and your order is being produced according to quality and quantity. In addition, the training and after-sales service of ODI technology products can also be fully and fully supported! 24 hours online service! We always adhere to the principle of customer first, you can rest assured that we can rest assured!

Resumption of work in various places has been started one after another. We hope that everyone who returns to work will take care of himself. Wash your hands frequently and wear a mask. At present, the Corona virus has become a global battle. Customers please make sure take care of yourselves and your families. Let’s await the end of the epidemic and welcome a new spring!

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