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Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation Removal

Aging and repeated exposure to the sun (UV), resulting in the formation of melanin pigment cells lose the ability to uniform distribution, leading to black spots and pigmentation appear on the skin, specially on face. But You don’t have to hide pigmentation on your face with heavy makeup or make your sensitive skin subjected to harsh chemical peels.

ODI’s Picosecond laser is kind of laser therapy that each laser pulse duration(pulse width) reach to picosecond level. Its excellent performance ensure that picosecond laser crush pigment particles more thoroughly but cause less damage to surrounding tissue, offering you safe and fast pigmentation removal treatments to reduce or eliminate, age spots, sun damage, freckles and skin lesions etc.

The other recommended machines for pigment removal are: Yag Laser, SHR IPL, E-light, fractional co2 laser machine.

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 Following machines can be used for pigmentation removal

picosecond laser pigmentation removal machine

picosecond laser pigmentation removal machine

picosecond laser system   

fast remove all types of pigmentation   

and no melanin precipitate 

yag laser pigment removal machine

nd yag laser pigment removal machine

portable yag laser pigmentation removal machine     

with factory outlet competitive price

ipl e-light pigment removal machine

shr ipl pigmentation removal machine

Uk-imported lamp, ensure good result and long lifespan     

Unique cobra-type handle, more convenient operation

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