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Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation Removal

Aging and repeated exposure to the sun (UV), resulting in the formation of melanin pigment cells lose the ability to uniform distribution, leading to black spots and pigmentation appear on the skin, specially on face. But You don’t have to hide pigmentation on your face with heavy makeup or make your sensitive skin subjected to harsh chemical peels.

ODI’s Picosecond laser is kind of laser therapy that each laser pulse duration(pulse width) reach to picosecond level. Its excellent performance ensure that picosecond laser crush pigment particles more thoroughly but cause less damage to surrounding tissue, offering you safe and fast pigmentation removal treatments to reduce or eliminate, age spots, sun damage, freckles and skin lesions etc.

The other recommended machines for pigment removal are: Yag Laser, SHR IPL, E-light, fractional co2 laser machine.

Pico laser for pigmentation removal

What is picosecond laser?

Picosecond laser used for pigment removal, especially tattoo removal has gained popularity due to its speed and effectiveness. The Picosecond is able to deliver extremely short bursts of energy which can reduce the time greatly staying on the skin surface. It is because of the ultra-short time the laser on the skin as short as trillionths of a second, the pain can be negligible. This can subsequently minimize the hurt and pain on skin.

The benefit of Choosing Picosecond Laser for pigment removal

1.Honeycomb technology

The Honeycomb shape treatment head is used in the Picosecond laser machine to protect the skill from damage. The principle behind this is that this technology can create a vacuolization effect on skin.

2.Shorter period of recovery time

Picosecond laser can make a tattoo and pigment removal more effective. The number of treatments on using Picosecond laser to remove tattoos and pigment can be reduced to 2-4 times and thus shortening the recovery time.

3.Extremely precise positioning

Picosecond laser can improve the level of safety and effectiveness because of its highly precise positioning therapies. It can precisely target the tissue in which skin can achieve higher effect of pigment removal. All kinds of pigments including tattoo, freckles can be removed with safety and effectiveness.

The Picosecond laser is able to shatter the melanin into dust-like particles which can be absorbed by and eliminated from our body. This can be attributed to the ultra short pulses that can create great pressure to hit the melanin. By taking the picosecond treatments, the postoperative swelling and melanin precipitate can be minimized to the lowest level. Therefore, picosecond laser by far is considered one of the fastest recovery treatments to remove pigments on the skin.

The treatment Scope:

  • 1. Endogenous pigments: Ota nevus, Ito nevus, Mongolian spot, zygomatic brown-cyan mole, coffee spot, freckles, seborrheic keratosis, spotted nevus, border nevus, melanosis, post-inflammatory pigmentation, tan Spots and more…
  • 2. Exogenous pigments: tattoos, tattooed eyebrows, tattooed eyeliners, tattooed lip lines, and traumatic tattoos.
  • 3. Skin rejuvenation, fine pores, lighten spots, whitening, blackhead removal and oil control effect.

How does picosecond laser machine can achieve such a high level of effectiveness?

The high effective performance of the picosecond technology is largely achieved by its wavelength. The recent study shows that a 1064nm wavelength is extremely effective to deal with blue, black and purple ink and 532nm wavelength can remove red and yellow ink on the skin surface. Therefore, setting a different fixed wavelength can target different types of pigments, achieving permanent tattoo removal.

With the specially designed treatment heads and the highly customized treatments, the picosecond laser machine is able to reach every inch of the skin in our body. Even some difficult target pigments can be removed with ease. In addition to this, Picosecond machine can also expand this treatment options and provide tattoo refinement service.

Before and after the treatment:

Bootstrap Image Preview
Bootstrap Image Preview

How much does it cost?

The cost of tattoo removal differs in countries. How easy the availability of the service and the level popularity of the service can also affect the price. Most importantly, the cost depends on the actual treatments the customer asks and needs.Generally, the minimum treatment for a small tattoo is somewhere between $75 - $200. Any price in this range is considered normal for a single treatment. For larger tattoos, price can be around $250 - $500. Anyway this would be a worthy investment.

How many treatments you need?

The duration of pigmentation or tattoo removal process is a concern for virtually all patients.

There are different types of pigments and different types of pigment removal require to receive different treatments. For hyperpigmentation removal, for example, such as freckle, sunburn, age pigment, coffee spots, nevoid lentigo, 2 to 4 laser sessions are recommended for one treatment, while for dermal pigmentation removal (Nevus of Ota, chloasma), 6 to 8 sessions are preferred.

To allow the skin to have enough time to heal between treatments and the ink to fade away, we also recommend a minimum of six weeks between laser sessions for general pigment removal and eight weeks for darker complexionsPicosecond machine works most effectively on tattoo removal. Compared to other types of laser that patients need to receive around 7-10 treatments which is more expensive and time-consuming, Picosecond machine on removing tattoos can achieve almost 80% clearance for the first and the second treatments and therefore is most recommended by laser specialists.

The use of picosecond machine is prohibited under the following circumstances

  • 1.Patients with swelling or edema and hypertension;
  • 2.Severe convulsions or irritations throughout the body;
  • 3.Patients with heart disease (those with cardiac pacemakers, etc.);
  • 4.The skin is allergic, thin air without elasticity, and the skin is damaged or ulcerated;
  • 5.Severe blood loss, bleeding disorders and bleeding tendency or colaryngeal prominenceagulation difficulty;
  • 6.People who have had surgery on their face or have had deep exfoliation and not yet recovered;
  • 7.People who have received radiation treatment for less than 3 months;
  • 8.People with skin cancer in the physiotherapy area;
  • 9.People with skin diseases or inflamed areas and suppurative acne;
  • 10.No, use this machine at the initial stage or at the region of trauma after surgery.
  • 11.When the tattoo is deeply embedded in the skin tissue
  • 12.When the laser is working on the black pigment, because it will absorb the laser in such a short time with intense energy will thus cause mild bleeding in the skin
  • 13.For skin repairment reasons, it is suggested that two to three months will be a desirable period for another treatment

Postoperation care

  • 1.There will be temporary red skin and swelling which will be gone in a short time naturally.
  • 2.When the skin is recovering, and one can use some antibiotic ointment or take some antibiotic pills to avoid infection and prevent direct sun exposure .
  • 3.When the energy used is way to high ,wrong operation or the treated skin needs high energy and there will be bleeding happens and so in this way scab will occur as well which will fall naturally in one week.
  • 4.Temporary hyperpigmentation may occur in some people, but this can be improved by taking vitamin C.
  • 5.Before the scab is falling naturally, one should not contact with water, should not rub,
  • 6.One should also pay attention to his/her diet. One should not eat spicy food, smoke and drink alcohol and do not eat food with dark color such as coffee, cola
  • 7.One should not do the fierce exercise before the scab is falling off naturally
  • 8.One should pay attention to the sunblock after the treatment.
  • 9.The elimination of pigment is a process that takes time which will take about 1-3 months and in order to achieve the best result ,one should have repeat treatments and the interval time should be 1-3 months.
  • 10.Some may need multiple treatments according to the character of pigment and the depth of the pigment.
  • 11.One can do another treatment after 20-30 days, if the skin is healing well and if not, one should prolong the timer ,and if infection happens please contact the operator as soon as possible.

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