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40.68Mhz rf vigia tightening machine
40.68Mhz rf vigia tightening machine 40.68Mhz rf vigia tightening machine 40.68Mhz rf vigia tightening machine 40.68Mhz rf vigia tightening machine 40.68Mhz rf vigia tightening machine

Portable 40.68Mhz comfortable radio frequency rf vaginal tightening device

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  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Treatment Depth:

  • Voltage:

    AC22V ± 1022 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Frequency:

  • Power:

  • Working Mode:

    Golden radio frequency and Ozone(O3) spaying
  • Function:

    Vaginal Tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal health and sensitivity improvement​
  • Energy:

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Portable 40.68Mhz comfortable radio frequency rf vaginal tightening device

ODI rf vaginal tightening machine is a new way of using energy for medical beauty and it uses the RF wave to produce heat and energy applies to vagina,labia and the tissue around vagina so as to promote the generation of collagen,contraction and strength of muscle so to achieve the rejuvenation of one’s vagina.Private RF is the first and only one machine that uses the RF energy to tighten vagina or labia with the control of temperature and this machine is the safe and effective way that can bring one’s vagina into rejuvenation with non-surgical,non-invasive and painless treatment 

rf vaginal tightening device

Working Parameters


Portable Viginal tightening equipment S6


Vaginal Tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal health and sensitivity improvement

Tip type

Two type of treatment tips (for internal vagina and G point)

Tip feature

One tip only for one patient (safe treatment)


Golden radio frequency and Ozone(O3) spaying

RF Frequency



150W  Vaginal rejuvenation




AC22V ± 1022 50Hz / 60Hz


500 shots (customizable)

One Handpiece with Two Types of Treatment Tips

rf vaginal tightening device

Vagina tighten machine applications: 

  • Tight contraction and rejuvenation of a loose vagina.
  • Prevention of orgasm disorder or sexual dissatisfaction.
  • Improve stress incontinence like leaking urine during sneezing, coughing or exercise.
  • Increase sexual satisfaction, desire, confidence.
  • Reduce the pain of vaginal dryness during sex.
  • Improve satisfaction in sexual relationships.
  • Enhance self-satisfaction and self-confidence.
  • Prevention of vaginitis, cystitis, pelvic ptosis, and other female diseases.

rf vaginal tightening device

Working principle

Vigina tightening machine acts on the vaginal mucosal layer, myometrium, and stimulates the regeneration of fibroblasts in the lamina propria and myometrium, then it remodels the damaged collagen fibers and elastic fibers,so it makes the vaginal wall thicker and the vagina will be tightened again.

O 3 high purity ozone is released during the treatment cause ozone can help with the Anti-inflammation and sterilization and the curing head will expand the vagina accordingly so the energy will be better absorbed With the RF focused to form a focusing layer ,this energy will work under your skin in the depth of 2.6-3mm and it hits your dermis tissue with strong energy so your capillaries will respond to this and take it as an injury so it will signal the healing system then a large amount of collagen will be produced to repair the injured parts, after the collagen is gradually shaped in order and line and the vagina will be effectively tightened and the sense of lubrication and sensitiveness of one’s vagina is greatly improved and then decrease the chances of getting infectious private parts.

When the RF electric filed is working on your skin tissue and the raise of temperature of Subcutaneous Fat and dermal skin layer can be 8:1 ,when the adipose tissue absorbed the energy of RF and it will be softened ,contracted and dissolved so to restore the bounciness of one’s vagina

rf vaginal tightening devicerf vaginal tightening device

RF Vaginal Tightening Machine Advantages

1.Private RF Technology is in accordance with CE from EU and FDA from US .
When RF treatment head is applying heat and energy to the collagen fiber and it will release the ozone to do the sterilization work of one’s vagina and the energy will get through the vagina tissue in 3.4mm depth so it will heat up its tissue and maintain the temperature of around 55-60 ℃ which is the best for the growth of collagen ,when the collagen is strongly motivated and the tissue of one’s vagina will be growing again 

2. Safety Radio Frequency vaginal tightening Treatment

Advanced heat sensor is used to indicate and control the surface temperature of the probe to ensure the safety of treatment and effect after treatment.

3.Rf vaginal health machine treatment for one time and your vagina will become tightened and lubricated 
With high RF and energy applied to motivate the fibrocyte to promote the growth and reshape of your new fibrocyte in the vagina .After you receive your treatment, 30-90 days is the time for the collagen to repair cause the collagen is growing continuously so your vagina will be tightened and watery with high sensitiveness.

4.Disposable and germ-free treatment head to avoid infection
Using the disposable and germ-free treatment head for only just one person for only single treatment to avoid the infection and non-invasive and non-ablative heat RF treatment will have no concerns of wounds and infections 

5.Painless and no Convalescence
RF is a non-invasive treatment with painless feeling in deep skin but fast and lasting result 

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