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  • Item NO.:

  • Certificate:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Treatment Depth:

    13mm, 8mm
  • Dimension:

  • Spots Diameter:

  • Screen:

    12 inch TFT touch screen
  • Frequency:

  • Working Mode:

    Ultrasonic (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)
  • Function:

    Fat Removal, Body Shape
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Machine Description

Lipohifu is FDA approved fat removal machine, using to remove cellulite caused by fat accumulation on waist, thighs and other small body parts of body. There is no recovery time or any wounds during hifu body slimming machine treatment. After only one treatment, it can get obvious result. Compare with traditional slimming machine, Lipohifu pay more attention to remove fat non-invasively and locally, reshape body perfectly, help to make a charming curve. 

Working Parameters

Operation System

Ultrasonic (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)



Treatment tip size



12 inch TFT touch screen

Focal depth

13mm, 8mm

Treatment Feature

Non-invasive and safer

Treatment Shots of Tips     

525 shots

Working method of Tips

With intelligent scanning system, locking 13mm subcutaneous 


Input Energy 

AC220V±1022 50 / 6 0 Hz


56*56*42mm hifu medical lifting machine

Working Principle

ODILaser Lipohifu slimming machine can produce non-invasive high intense focused energy to damage cellulite permanently and disturb hot cell at precise depth(13mm) in subcutaneous fat layer. Therefore, it can remove the cellulite directly, as well as stimulate the contraction and proliferation of collagen to fill the gaps after ablation of fat quickly and smooth the skin. It is a kind of technology that transfer high intense focused ultrasound into thermal energy which can damage fat cell and create double tissue reaction. 

Treatment Area

Abdomen, two sides of the waist, Buttocks and Thigh

PS: The adipose tissue can be squeezed to one inch or 2.5 centimeters before operation 

Before & After

Feature of lipohifu slimming machine

1.High intense focused ultrasound (HIFU) damage fat permanently, reduce the number of fat cells;
2.Intelligent scanning system, locking fat at precise depth(13mm) in subcutaneous fat layer, without damage to the epidermis;
3.Thermal energy promote collagen hyperplasia, so the skin is tightening after treatment, no need to wear body sculpting clothing.

Treatment Course Description

At present, the treatment area are abdomen, thighs and buttocks etc . After one hour treatment, the cell debris and fat are absorbed by liver via the transport of lymphatic system then expelled from body through metabolism. The desired therapeutic effect can be achieved after about 8 - 12 weeks. Clinical studies have shown that up to 91.3% of consumers have improved abdominal flatness and waist circumference by slimming an average of one inch after only one hour treatment.

Real Shots of HIFU Slimming Machine


Subject : Portable liposonix hifu body slimming beauty machine suppliers

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