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non surgical liposuction cost  fat removal machine
non surgical liposuction cost  fat removal machine non surgical liposuction cost  fat removal machine

Portable non invasive liposuction liposonix fat removal machine

  • Item NO.:

  • Warranty:

    One year
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Treatment Depth:

    13mm, 8mm
  • Spots Diameter:

  • Screen:

    12 inch touched screen
  • Frequency:

  • Function:

    Body slimming & Body Fat Removal
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Product summary

Hifu weight loss liposonix fat removal machine approved by the United States FDA, used for fat accumulation in waist, abdomen, thigh and other small parts of the body resulting in obesity. Thermoplastic therapy has no wound, no recovery period, only need one treatment, can have obvious effect.

Hot plastic weight, different from the traditional method of weight loss, pay more attention to the noninvasive, local cellulite, perfect curve shape, to help you create a charming curve. Using non-invasive focused ultrasound technology, realize the knife not dieting does not exercise permanent damage to the role of fat, through a single one hour of treatment in 8-12 weeks. Can make the treatment site small one inch.

Working Principle

The non surgical belly fat removal liposonix fat removal machine uses the non-invasive focused ultrasound wave to treat the deep subcutaneous 1.3cm, which interferes with the thermal cells of the subcutaneous fat, destroys the subcutaneous fat permanently by using the heat, and directly reduces the amount of fat at the same time. Stimulate collagen to contract and thicken, quickly fill the gap after fat ablation, make skin smooth and smooth, moisturize and tighten. It is a mechanism for converting heat through high-intensity sound waves. The transmitted energy can be used to destroy subcutaneous adipocytes, and the heat transfer can create a double tissue response:
1.Interfere with subcutaneous adipose tissue cells to destroy and remove subcutaneous adipose tissue;
2.Stimulate the collagen contraction and proliferation of the subcutaneous tissue layer, so that the skin of the treatment site more tight to take;

3.Through the double tissue reaction, it can accurately target the site to be improved, without operation, and can remove the excess fat only in a non-invasive way, and achieve the curative effect of body shaping and skin tightening.


  1. The treatment area can be treated by pinching 1 inch or 2.5 cm of adipose tissue:
  2. Abdomen, side waist, hip, both sides of thigh
  3. Eliminate local fat, reduce local fat protruding
  4. Postpartum physical recovery

Treatment Area

Before & After


1. High energy focused ultrasound (HIFU) permanently destroys fat and reduces the number of adipocytes;
2. The intelligent scanning system, locking the subcutaneous 1.3 centimeters of fat, does not cause any harm to the skin;
3. Non-invasive, safer.
It is high intensity, focused ultrasound, heat, fat ablation, no surgery, very safe.
4. Directly reduce fat, do not rebound.
It can permanently destroy subcutaneous fat, directly reduce the amount of fat, do not rebound.
5. Proliferation of collagen, more compact.
While decomposing fat, thermoplastic stimulates the regeneration of collagen, fills the subcutaneous fat vacancy, and makes the skin smooth and elastic after treatment.
6. No recovery period, more relaxed.
Hifu weight loss liposonix fat removal machine is a kind of non-invasive adipose dissolving instrument, no injection, no operation, no influence on normal life and work, and no need to wear plastic clothes after treatment.


Real Shots of portable lipohfiu machine

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Subject : Portable non invasive liposuction liposonix fat removal machine

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