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ce approved radio frequency facial machine
ce approved radio frequency facial machine

Portable rf skin tightening radio frequency facial machine

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  • Certificate:

    ISO9001 & CE & ISO13485
  • Treatment Tips:

    Three type of probes (Big, Middle, Small)
  • Screen:

    3.12 inch LED Display
  • Voltage:

    AC 220v 50/60Hz
  • Frequency:

    800K Hz
  • Power:

  • Function:

    Face lift, Wrinkle Removal, Neck lifting, anti-aging etc
  • Energy:

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 Portable rf skin tightening radio frequency facial machine

Feature of radio frequency facial machine technology?

OD-S4 eye lift radio frequency facial machine adopts stable dual-stage radio frequency technology.
Using non-invasive way, so that the operation is more secure, but also provide a variety of sizes of the handle, according to different parts of the more fine operation.

portable rf radio frequency facail machine

Technology Parameters


3.12 inch LED Display


AC 220v 50/60Hz




800K Hz

Length of Connecting tube




Probes Type

Eye+Face + Body (Three)

Treatment principal

It is short for high frequency ac change electromagnetic wave.This is called high-frequency current, which is more than 10,000 times per second, and radio frequency is such a high frequency current.When radio frequency wave effects on the skin, skin tightening radio frequency facial machine can make the dermis collagen fiber heating to 45 ℃ to 65 ℃, collagen contraction, immediately make sagging skin wrinkles were taut, and stimulated the true cortex hyperplasia of collagen will gradually, prompted the dermis, tight and elastic recovery, so as to achieve the goal of firming, anti-wrinkle.

Real Shots

radio frequency machine for face and body

Advantages of radio frequency skin tightening device

1: Compact handle and compact body design
The unique design of prince frog is compact and compact.
2: Skin lifting radio frequency facial machine has simple and convenient user interface
Simple and convenient user interface, easy to use
3: Offer a variety of size handles and excellent grip
Provide three probes in big, middle and small size, which are respectively suitable for body, neck, face and eyes, good grip and convenient operation.

Machine Details

best radio frequency skin tightening machine

radio frequency face slimming


1. Facial tightening, anti-aging
2. Skin care product introduction to increase absorption rate
3. Body reshape;
4. Neck firming, eyes lfiting and wrinkle removal etc

Radio frequency facial before after

rf radio frequency skin tightening machine

Technology Feature

The latest bipolar RF technology
Provide stable, the latest radio frequency technology.  
The RF energy conveys heat to the fat layer deep in the dermis.
Adjusts the intensity of RF energy.

Vacuum negative pressure technology
Face tightening radio frequency facial machine gives strong and stable negative pressure power
Adjustable vacuum negative pressure.
A variety of vacuum pulse mode (continuous, high speed, ordinary, low speed)

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