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nice slimming and body machine
nice slimming and body machine nice slimming and body machine nice slimming and body machine

Portable rf vacuum face slimming body weight loss machine

  • Warranty:

    One year
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
  • Weight:

  • Dimension:

    65cm*45cm*49cm (Package)
  • Screen:

    3.12 inch OLED Screen
  • Voltage:

    AC 220v 50/60Hz
  • Frequency:

    800K Hz
  • Power:

  • Working Mode:

    5 modes (Vacuum Suction)
  • Function:

    Body Slimming, Face Shaping, Weight Loss, Skin Tightening
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ODI S2 portable vacuum rf slimming machine” is an innovate slimming system that combine Korean vacuum suction and stable bipolar rf technology together, adopting non-invasive working method, make the treatment more safe, providing different sizes of handles to make accurate treatment for different body parts.

Working Parameters


3.12 inch OLED Screen

Maximal Energy


RF Power


RF Frequency

800K Hz

Negative Pressure ( Absolute value)


Vacuum working mode

5 modes

Cable length





AC 220v 50/60Hz


According to clinical testing, during vacuum suction working progress, some dust, slimming essential oil or cooling gel would be sucked into machine’s host along with the vacuum suction, thus greatly reduce machine’s life span, ODI S2 portable vacuum rf slimming machine has special designed system to directly filter these debris into filtered bottle, cleaning and increasing machine’s life time.

High Quality Probes:

1. Combine Korean vacuum suction and bipolar rf technology into one probe, best for body slimming and face reshape, as well as detoxification to body.

2. Providing three sizes of probes(Big, Middle, Small): According to the size of different body parts to design corresponding size of probes, thus can offer super precise slimming treatment on belly, leg, arm, neck and face etc, even including area around the eyes.

3. With humanized design structure, easier to operate, increasing operational convenience.

Working Principle

By using vacuum suction design, the skin with subcutaneous tissue will be pulled up, making deep massage on the body, providing aerobic exercise to skin and fatty tissue such as suction, lifting and pushing, this kind of aerobic exercise can make the lymphatic drainage function and blood circulation increase 4 times, at the same time, along with bipolar RF technology producing radiofrequency heat energy on fatty tissue then transfer it into fatty acid, which will be discharged through the lymphatic circulation, finally eliminate the accumulation of fat effectively, to achieve great result for body slimming and reshape.


1. Whole body weight loss and reshape, fast elimination of fat and face lifting

2. Skin Tightening, promote the body metabolism speed, accelerate the body's detoxification

3. Relax the muscles and relieve the muscle spasms.

4. Effectively improve the orange peel skin in buttocks and thighs, tightening loose skin after childbirth and liposuction. 

Before & After

Treatment Hints:

1. The probe must be touched closely on the skin.
   During operation, so as to avoid customers feeling uncomfortable, be sure the probe is 90 degrees perpendicular to the skin.
2.Beautician should communicate with customers when adjust vacuum suction strength
3.The probe should be moved in a circular motion or in a straight line, do not always stay in the same place. The movements should be coherent or draw back.
4.Cleaning the skin with hot towel after the operation

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