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proven face lift thermage beauty machine
proven face lift thermage beauty machine proven face lift thermage beauty machine proven face lift thermage beauty machine proven face lift thermage beauty machine

Portable thermage beauty machine for wrinkle removal and face lift

  • item no.:

  • Warranty:

    12 months
  • Certificate:

    ISO9001&Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Treatment Depth:

    1.0mm - 4.0mm
  • Treatment Tips:

    Two tips (big one for face and body, small one for eyes)
  • Voltage:

    110v-220v, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Frequency:

  • Function:

    Skin tightening, face/neck lifting, eyes lifting, wrinkle reduction
  • Energy:

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Portable thermage beauty machine for wrinkle removal and face lift

ODI non surgical face lift thermage beauty machine technology is the only one in the world that uses RF to achieve the result of skin promotion ,tightening and wrinkle removal which can have your skin rejuvenated and the result lasted for a few years so it is the first one machine that adopted this RF technology with no wounds but with high security.This machine can achieve non-invasive tissue tightening and skin shaping with no operation,injection to avoid any harm doing to the skin and the treatment is full of pleasures and comfort so there will be no special care after the treatment which is to say that no influence will do to the work life and you can work after you have done your treatment.


1. RF technology is recognized by the CE from EU 

RF can provide heat to the treated area tissue and it can penetrate the skin to 3-4mm which is considered as the deep skin layer when RF goes to that deep and it can warm up the skin tissue and have the collagen maintain in 55-60℃ which is the best temperature for the growth of collagen so the growth of collagen will be greatly promoted and stimulated and it can have the skin rejuvenated. 

2. Special treatment tips for you to enjoy your exclusive beauty experience.
The precious points on the therma-4 is that for every single treatment and the tips are special for only one person and will never be used by another person which can make sure the data and parameter is perfect for the user and the tips can be saved and reused for the same person if the shot is not using up and it can be a reference to take for the future treatment.

3. High RF energy to maximize the result.
With high energy of RF for a single time and the result is massive (in skin rejuvenation,face promoting and eyes promoting etc)however other machine may need 7-8 times to achieve this result . 

4. Long and lasting effects.
After3 times of treatment and the growth of collagen can last for nearly a year and in the first half year is the best time for the regrowth of collagen so the effects will be lasting . 

5. Work after receiving the treatment so there is no influence to the life and work.
The treatment time is short but with good result which may only take about 40 mins to finish the whole treatment and there is no such thing as recovery period so no influence will do to the life and work which is recognized by the international authorities in anti aging with comfortable feel during treatment.

6. Quick face lift thermage beauty machine offer safety treatment
Its advanced heat sensors can indicate and control the temperature of the probes so as to make sure the safety matter and result after treatment.

7. Non-invasive with no recovery period.
This is a non-invasive way of treatment with RF so there is no pain during treatment but with fast and lasting effect.

Technical Parameters of Thermage Machine

Machine type

Portable rf thermage beauty machine


Bipolar radio frequency

Treatment tips

Two tip (one for eyes, one for face and body)


40.68Mhz golden frequency



Treatment area


Output energy



1-5 seconds

Power supplier

110v-220v, 50Hz/60Hz

Working principle of under eyes wrinkle removal thermage beauty machine

Emergency reaction
With RF electrical field formed as a focus layer to work under the skin layer of 2.6-3mm and it will strongly hit the dermis layer so the blood capillary will mistakenly take it as a tissue wound so it will signal the healing signal then lots of collagen will be produced to repair the treated area .When the collagen is gradually reshaping and relining and the skin will be promoted as well. 

Ionization penetration
Focus electrical FR can also change the location of cell cross section and it will also influence the density of electron and ion around the cell then it will improve the penetration of the cell.By reacting the the RF and the water ion channel of cytomembrane will be opened to enhance the penetration between cells while at the same time with the help of RF the nutrition and water will be easily delivered to the dermis layer.

Fat melting reaction
When the RF is working on the skin tissue and the heat difference between fat and dermis layers will be 8:1and when the fat cell is absorbing the energy then it will be softened ,contracted and dissolved and to achieve the result of having your skin elastic.

skin tightening rf thermage

Real Shots

You could look younger than your age

skin tightening rf thermage


RF skin tightening thermage beauty machine can be used in a loose face with wrinkles and rough skin so this machine can reshape your face by promoting your loose skin and the skin around the eyes.
 1.Face wrinkle removal:Deep wrinkle removal,wrinkles,forehead wrinkles,wrinkles around nose ,lips ,frown ,and neck and this can eliminate the double chin and shape your face .
 2.Eyes wrinkle removal :wrinkle around the eyes ,eyes bags and to tighten and promote the loose skin around the eyes.
 3.Anti aging all over the body:this machine can shape and tighten you back,breasts,belly,butt and legs as well as Butterfly sleeve and mild stretch marks.

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