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ipl hair removal machine for skin rejuvenation
ipl hair removal machine for skin rejuvenation

Powerful 2000w opt SHR ipl hair removal machine for sale

  • item no.:

  • Light Source Type:

    Intense Pulse Light
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Pulse Width:

  • Spots Diameter:

    Small Size: 8mm*25mm, Big Size: 10mm*50mm
  • Cooling System:

    Wind + Water Cooling
  • Voltage:

    110V,60HZ or 220V,50HZ
  • Frequency:

  • Power:

  • Wavelength:

  • Function:

    Permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation and pigment removal etc
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Powerful 2000w opt SHR ipl hair removal machine for sale

ODI SHR ipl hair removal machine adopts creative SSR technology for pigment removal, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation etc. It uses high repetition rate and low energy to heat skin continuously. The energy is selectively absorbed by pathological tissues, resulting in photo pyrolysis and biological stimulation. Photothermolysis acting on pigments tissue can remove speckle and red blood. The biological stimulation promoting the synthesis and regrowth of new dermal collagen fibers and elastic fibers can lift skin and smooth wrinkle , showing full of charming healthy skin. It will not harm the normal skin tissue during whole treatment, one machine can solve all facial skin problem. Meanwhile opt machine’s SHR technology can remove hair fast and painlessly.

opt SHR ipl hair removal machine for sale

opt SHR ipl hair removal machine for sale

Working Parameters



Spot size

Small Size: 8mm*25mm, Big Size: 10mm*50mm


Two Handles

Cooling system


IPL light energy


Ipl Lamp

UK-imported IPL Lamp

Valid Shots

160.000 shots

Pulse Duration


Pulse NO.


Skin cooling



8"color touch screen

Output power


SHR width


SHR frequency



110V,60HZ or 220V,50HZ

Advantages of shr ipl hair removal machine for sale

1. Patented constant current discharge ensures OPT machine to output continuous square wave, so each output energy is the same. It is the true perfect pulse light with more than 30% higher than ordinary photon machine efficiency and life.

2. 2000W OPT power supply, the maximum energy is 50J (normally use of 10-20J), ensuring the real enough energy and good treatment effect

3. Japan imported NCC high energy capacitor, charging and discharging faster and more durable

4. UK imported lamp, with super long life span, 50% higher than ordinary xenon lamp

5. Two Types of Spot Size

Combine big light spot handle and small light spot handle into one machine, the big one can help to fast remove hair on arm, leg and back, save treatment time. The small one can help to remove hair around the mouth and armpit accurately, easily and effectively.

6. Self-testing system of odi laser shr ipl machine makes the failure maintenance more convenient

7. Sapphire coating technology, the light transmittance is over 95%.

8. 3 in 1 cooling system (air cooling, water cooling and semiconductor refrigeration system), the temperature of handle can down to zero degree during treatment

opt SHR ipl hair removal machine for sale


1. Hair Removal: Permanent and Painless Hair removal. Remove unwanted hair on full body

2. Pigment Removal: Remove freckle, sunburn, age spots, acne scar and facial defects etc

3. Skin Rejuvenation: Shrinking pores, skin whitening and reduce wrinkle etc

4. Acne Removal: Improve acne, remove acne scar

5. Red blood removal: Remove vascular and improve face redness

opt SHR ipl hair removal machine for sale


After shr ipl hair removal machine treatment on face, please do remember to strengthen moisture replenishment and pay attention to sun protection.

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