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fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing equipment
fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing equipment

Powerful rf tube fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing equipment

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    ISO9001,Medical CE, ISO13485
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    Fractional scan, ordinary, normal, virginal
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    Fractional CO2 Laser
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    Acne Treatment, Dark Circles, Pigment Removal, Pigmentation Correctors, Pore Remover, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Whitening, Wrinkle Remover
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Product Overview

Full face  fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing equipment is the world's first use of non-invasive mode of treatment of vaginal relaxation of the laser, is currently the highest security, the most accurate efficacy, the best comfort vaginal tightening laser; widely used in general surgery, dermatology, gynecology, ENT , Pediatrics, urology, for cutting, burning, carbonation, gasification, bleeding and other treatment. Especially for the beauty section, to remove the eye, mouth weeks wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scar, traumatic scar and benign skin vegetation.

skin resurfacing Fractional Co2 Laser Equipment

Technical Parameters

Laser Source Fractional co2 laser
Wavelength 10.6µ m
Machine power 300w
Laser System 0~30w
Light system Korea imported 7 joint-arm
Laser tube Glass tube (RF Tube Customized)
Modes Fractional scan & ordinary & Gynaecology & virginal
Scan Graphics 6
Scan mode 4
Dots quantity Max400
Pulse width 0.4~4 ms
Cooling water+air
Beam divergence angle 0.4 mrad
Display 8 inch LCD color touch screen
Material ABS
Treatment tips 6 types of treatment tips
Application skin resurfacing, acne treatment, scar removal, vaginal tightening etc

Parameter of Korea imported 7 joint-arm

Product Name CO2 Torsion spring Arm
Color Metallic Silver & Rich Gold
Joint 7 Joints, 360 free rotation
Delivery Length abount 1100mm
Clear Aperture 10.8mm
Power 30W/cm2
Place of Origin Korea
Accessories F-50/F-10 Surgical Handpiece, Aiming Set.
Packing Size 905mm x 305mm x 160mm


1. The laser wavelength can be absorbed by the micrometer tissue on the mucous membrane to avoid the damage of deep tissue or organ.
2. The laser energy is output in the form of optimized interval and short pulse, which can avoid heat damage caused by high temperature on the skin surface, and form uniform thermal effect in the surface layer of mucous membrane which is several hundred microns thick.
3. Through 360 °reflex hand, the laser energy is uniformly and comprehensively applied to the whole section of the vagina in the circular emission mode, without direct contact with the vaginal wall.
4. The main parts imported from abroad have made a great deal of innovation in structure and reached the international advanced level in technology.
5. Wrinkles removal  fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing equipment can treat various parts of the body, the effect is good, the disease source is wide, the income is rich;
6. Treatment convenient the whole treatment process takes only 20-30 minutes, no need to be hospitalized, that is, treatment
7. The safety and security index of the whole process without side effect is high, the harm is almost zero, and it will not affect the sexual life and fertility in the future.

stretch mark removal fracional co2 laser machine

Therapy Principle

Fractional system principle:
The acne scars removal  fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing equipment with a specific wavelength of 10.6 nm can be absorbed by human body tissue (no matter what color the skin is) by nearly 100%. Through laser emitter, the micropulsed laser beam shoots on the target skin in nanometer level to achieve a controllable precise treatment .The dimension of shooting area only can be measured in nanometer, which is precise enough for operators to control and adjust the treated depth and layer according to the clinical diagnosis.
The energy of CO2 laser is even and steady. Its focused energy aims only at target tissue without any injury to surroundings. It is the heat and electromagnetic effect of the laser that people use to conduct non-blood or less-blood cutting, cauterizing, gasification and accurate microsurgery so as to avoid skin burnt. During the treatment, biochemical reactions of optical-thermal accelerate collagen reproduction and skin recovery, after exfoliation of the tiny scar; fresh and smooth skin can be regenerated.
The device outputs invisible laser. In order to operate with more ease, red semiconductor laser has been added to indicate.
Vaginal system principle:
1. Acting on the vaginal mucosa, muscle, lamina propria and muscularis stimulation of fibroblast cell regeneration, and damaged collagen fibers, elastic fibers, remodeling, thickening of the vaginal wall and vaginal tightening.
2. Under the stimulation of microvasculature by co2 laser, blood flow, cell oxidation and supply of nutrients will be increased. And mitochondrial ATP will release rate will be increased, the cell’s function will be more active, and enhancing the vaginal mucous secretion.
3. Under the stimulation of microvascular by co2 laser, the cell functionally actives, enhanced integrity, dynamic response to sexual stimulation, enhancing vaginal blood vessels, thereby enabling significantly improved of sensitivity.
4. Co2 laser can change the organizational characteristics, produce collagen, tighten the mucosa, and improve vaginal lubrication and sensitivity effectively; Healthy mucosal tissue functions can be active, it makes PH value, flora normalization. Thereby reducing the risk of infection rate in vaginal.

Non-surgical fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing equipment functions

Fractional system:
  Shrink pores, fine lines, dilute stretch marks; repair all kinds of scars: burn scars, acne scars, surgical scars and keloids;
Normal system:
  Through multiple handles, it can be applied to gynecology, ENT, neurology and general surgery. In the skin surgery can get rid of the skin of good vegetation and nevus (such as fat particles, flat warts, flesh nevus, syringoma, etc.);
Gynae system:
  Vaginal tightening, increase flexibility; relieve dryness, enhance the degree of moisture; to improve the stress urinary incontinence problem; alleviate menopausal symptoms and painful intercourse.
Vuluae system:
  Dilute the pigment, beautify the appearance of labia luster, so that the size of the size of the dark color of the labia lips to restore matte finish.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment Before and After

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment Before and After

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