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vagina tightening machine
vagina tightening machine vagina tightening machine vagina tightening machine

Radio frequency vagina tightening machine with CE

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    Medical CE, ISO13485
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    vagina tightening
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RF rf therapy vaginal tightening device utilizes thermal reaction to treat female private parts:

Acting on the vaginal mucosa, muscularis, lamina propria and muscle stimulation within the neonatal fibroblasts, and injuired collagen fibers, elastic fibers along with other remodeling, thickening from the vaginal wall vaginal tightening.

RF electric field is formed through the focal plane, within the skin depth of approximately 2.6 ~ 3mm, strong impact vaginal mucosa, muscle, capillaries are stimulated mistaken tissue injuries, issued to assist the healing signal will produce considerable amounts of collagen to repair collagen molecules progressively combined into orderly arranged collagen, collagen Tseng, therefore tightening the vaginal mucosa while increasing vaginal lube and sensitivity.

Technical Parameters of vaginal tightening machine

Model R60 vaginal tightening machine
Function Vaginal Tightening
Tip One tip only for one person
Type Multi-level radio frequency
Frequency 40.68MHz
Power 150W
Energy 5-40J
Voltage AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Size 115*64*75cm, 54kg (Package)

Function of vaginal tightening machine

 - Vaginal Tightening: improve compactness, Vaginal canal tightening
 - Vaginal Rejuvenation: pigment eliminate
 - Vaginal Moist: Increase Secretion
 - Vaginal Anti-aging
 - Mild vaginitis treatment, Improve incontinence

PS: Condom is needed to used with treatment tips, when you do the treament.

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Subject : Radio frequency vagina tightening machine with CE