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hair removal ipl laser machine for sale
hair removal ipl laser machine for sale

Salon used hair removal and tattoo removal ipl laser machine manufacturers

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  • Warranty:

    1 year
  • Light Source Type:

    Nd Yag Laser, Elight, RF
  • Certificate:

    Medical CE, ISO13485
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  • Treatment Tips:

    3 Handpieces
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  • Function:

    skin rejuvenation, hair removal, tattoo pigmentation and wrinkle removal
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4 in 1 multifunctional shr ipl laser machine for hair and tattoo removal

Shr Ipl hair removal Laser Machine Product Advantages

  • Multifunctional hair removing ipl laser equipment for sale, one instrument to solve a variety of problems, convenient and affordable;
  • The opt handle uses a large spot handle to integrate the latest light technologies from the United States and Israel;
  • The laser uses the newest white porcelain handle, the energy is stronger than the ordinary handle, the treatment is more accurate;
  • New self-detection system, all-around protection instruments;
  • Simple operation in Ssr shr laser hair removal machine, no need for repeated training, strong functionality, necessary to open stores;

    multifunctional shr ipl laser machine
    The technology of photonic skin tenderness is to directly irradiate the skin with strong pulse light and produce photobiochemical effects. On the one hand, it can rearrange collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin, restore skin elasticity, and improve facial microcirculation. On the other hand, intense pulsed light can penetrate the skin and be selectively absorbed by the pigments and capillaries in the tissue. The heat energy, without destroying the normal skin tissue, makes the blood coagulate and the pigments are destroyed by thermal decomposition. Thus the 3 in 1 opt shr laser hair removal machine treatment of capillary dilatation, removal of color spots, and can remove excess hair and so on.
  • Nd Yag Laser

     ND Yag Laser Principle

    Laser dispel pigment is to use the high energy of laser instant emission to break the absorbed energy of irradiated pigment particles, some of them become smaller particles, some of them are swallowed by human macrophages and excreted through the lymphatic system. Thus dispel the pigment. Because the normal tissue absorbs 1064 nm 532 nm laser very little, will not harm the normal tissue, therefore has maintained the cell frame integrity, absolutely does not form the scar condition, this is the ipl laser pigmentation removal machine treatment safety which any other method is unparalleled at present. Therefore, to the greatest extent to ensure that customers will not suffer from postoperative complications.
  • Radio Frequency

    4 in 1 multifunctional shr ipl laser machine for hair and tattoo removal
    IPL rf laser beauty machine delivering radiofrequency directly acts on the dermis through the epidermis, activating dermal cells to generate energy from the high speed vibration and friction of water molecules. When the local temperature reaches about 60 ℃ (subcutaneous waves of warm heat), dermal collagen will immediately converge and be activated for long-term growth, thus enhancing the convergence of the skin and the anti-aging effect of live appearance.

Technical Parameters 

E-Light & SHR IPL Wavelength 530-1200nm & 640-1200nm
Spot Size 10*50mm²
E-light Energy Density 1-50J/cm²
OPT Pulse Width 1-40ms
OPT Pulse Type Single Pulse
OPT Frequency 1-10Hz
Spot size 10*50mm
RF Source Radio frequency
Energy Density Max 25J/cm2
Polar Bi-polar RF
Frequency 5MHZ
Working duration 50ms—2500ms
Working interval 1—4ms
Nd yag Laser Laser type ND:YAG Solid-state laser
Pulse Width 8-20ns
Laser Robs Yellow crystal rods
Wavelength 1064nm, 532nm
Frequency 1—10Hz
Diameter of light spot 1—8mm adjustable
Energy Density 20-1500mj
Cooling system Semi-conductor cooling + embedded circle water cooling + air cooling system
Power supply AC220V±10%V, 50HZ±1HZ (AC110V±10%V, 60HZ±1HZ)


4 in 1 multifunctional shr ipl laser machine for hair and tattoo removal

4 in 1 multifunctional shr ipl laser machine for hair and tattoo removal

Treatment Before and After

4 in 1 multifunctional shr ipl laser machine for hair and tattoo removal

Treatment Scope

  • OPT
Quick painless hair removal and facial treatment: remove freckles, senile spots, sunburn, whitening and tender skin, improve skin quality, remove red blood, improve rough pores, permanent hair removal.
  • YAG
Endogenous pigments: nevus of Ota (birthmark), coffee spot, senile spot, freckle, etc.
Extraneous pigments: remove tattoos, eyebrows, eyeliner, lip line;
Black face doll: using carbon powder as medium, combined with special C head blasting to achieve deep skin cleaning, whitening skin, shrinking pores, and improving skin quality.

  • RF
Ipl laser hair removal effectiveness  machine use rf technology for deep wrinkle removal,skin lifting and retrieve the smoothness of the skin.

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