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808 laser hair removal machine manufacturers

Sapphire cooling painless hair removal 808nm diode laser beauty equipment

  • item no.:

  • Certificate:

    Medical CE & ISO13485
  • Pulse Width:

  • Spots Diameter:

  • Cooling System:

    Water cooling + Air Cooling
  • Voltage:

  • Frequency:

  • Power:

    300w / 500w
  • Wavelength:

  • Laser Type:

    808nm Diode Laser
  • Function:

    permanent hair removal for all skin types
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Sapphire cooling painless hair removal 808nm diode laser beauty equipment

What is 808nm diode laser hair removal machine?

ODI Laser 808nm diode laser machine removes hair permanently and painlessly. As its technology of selective light and heat absorption, the 808nm wavelength laser light energy is absorbed by the melanin in hair follicle preferentially. The light energy convert into heat increasing the hair follicle temperature thus change its structure to reduce the chance of hair regrowth. While as the heat energy is focused on hair follicle, surrounding skin is undamaged during treatment. 

sapphire portable diode laser

Working Parameters

Laser type

808nm Diode Laser hair removal machine


808nm+/- 10nm

Cooling form of optical maser

Conduction Cooling System

Pulse Width


Repetition Rate

1Hz~10 Hz

Maximum Energy


Energy Density


Skin Cooling

TEC +Sapphire (< 5 C)

Spot Size


Laser Cooling Liquid

Deionized Water

Handle Piece Flow Rate


Handle Life Time

10.000.000 shots

Environment Temperature

5~28  C

Environment Moisture

< 80%

Input  VAC

220VAC /50 - 60 Hz(110VAC optional)

Feature and advantages:

1. Suitable for all skin types: As 808nm diode laser hair removal technology is based on the preferentially selective light and heat absorption, even though the deep skin is not damaged during operation.

2. Permanent hair removal: Powerful 808nm laser energy is transferred into hair follicle, heating the hair and its DNA, pretending the regrowth of hair.

3. Safe and painless treatment: Advanced sapphire touch cooling technology is used to cool the skin and protect skin, make sure that treatment more safe and painless.

4. Special designed spot size of 17.8mm*4.8mm: Compare with big spot size, it is easier to remove hair on bikini area, armpit and upper lip.

5. The 808nm diode laser hair removal machine handpiece is equipped with high quality Germany imported laser bars.

6. Conduction cooling technology is used for optical maser, such cooling system greatly protect the handle from burning.

7. Fast treatment: High frequency up to 10Hz, removing the hair on sweeping mode, really help to save treatment time.

Real Shots of diode 808nm laser hair removal machine

sapphire laser hair removal

Instructions of diode laser hair removal equipment

1. Bikini Line laser Hair Removal, armpit hair removal and upper lip hair removal

2. Remove hair on leg, hand and back etc

3. Remove hair of all skin types

4. Painless and Permanent hair removal

5. Full body laser hair removal

Before & After

best laser hair removal

High quality treatment handle

sapphire portable diode laser

High quality hair removal 808nm diode laser handpiece

It is made in our 100.000 grade of dust-free room, ensure the the cleaning level of micro cooling system in handle. This highly protects the handle from burning, as well as decreasing failure rate and increase and lifespan. 

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