Something Should Be Known Before Laser Tattoo Removal

Nov 22, 2017

With the Q Switch, count from 5 to 15 sessions spaced two months apart. The vast majority of tattoos require less than 10 sessions. From 150 to 300 € the session. With a picosecond laser, count a few less sessions for the same tattoo (eg 12 rather than 15 in Q Switch), spaced a month apart..

How many sessions are required to remove a tattoo?

All the consultants insist on one point: tt is complicated to accurately predict the number of sessions needed to get a tattoo out, especially when the tattoo is polychrome, with many different colors.

For example, a green tattoo results from pigment compositions which, although giving the same hue, can be very different. The dermatologist can hardly make the difference upstream, and the colors will not start at the same speed according to their basic molecules.

Although each tattoo is unique, it is recognized that red tattoos are the easiest to remove, as well as blacks. The most difficult to remove are blues and greens. The PS laser is especially interesting in Alexandrite to treat black, but also blue and green, which are the most difficult colors to make.

The ODI Laser picosecond is also indicated to treat "remnants" of tattooing - dermatologists sometimes speak of "phantom" effect - these particles that make like a lightweight veil resistant to Q Switch.

Finally, we must take into account the pigmentation of the skin. On dark skin, the Q Switch in KTP version will be too absorbed by melanin and may cause depigmentation. We must then favor the Alexandrite or Nd Yag lasers. But red tattoos respond only to the KTP ... It is therefore very difficult to remove a red tattoo on a very pigmented skin.

The design of the second tattoo will necessarily be conceived according to the first one. One can only mount the colors, impossible to make a clear tattoo on a dark tattoo. Sometimes a laser session can be useful for adjusting, blurring.

What You Should Know Before You Get Tattooed

Not to be tattooed on socially exposed areas: not on forearms, ankles or neck.
For a woman, no tattoo on the neckline because the zone ages a lot.
Avoid a tattoo that is too full of pigments, or colors in all directions, and blues and greens, prefer red, shaded, fine lines, volutes, easier to make, gentle.

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